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  • Daniel

    Stunning. No other word to describe it. Location is surprisingly convenient too.

  • rob

    I don’t even want to know how much this place is. Since even a regular house in Switzerland can be 3-4 million dollars, this is probably 30-40 million. I agree that it is stunning. It reminds me a little of water tower place in Chicago. http://www.indospectrum.com/photo/cd033_01jun04_chicago_water_tower_4

  • Kyle

    They should show more pictures, ARGH!

  • NOVA Ben

    More pics PLEASE! The exterior is fabulous, and the interior (from the two pics they provide) looks gloriously over the top, in a good way. Beautiful.

  • Georgio

    That interior is absolutely gorgeous. In the classical French way, it manages to be both elegant and extravagant without being adversely pretentious and gaudy. My only issue is that the exterior, while fine, is very bland (at least colour-wise) compared to what lies inside the dwelling.

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