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  • Daniel

    It’s an honest-to-God BOX! I hate it, just because it’s a pompous home that is purposely trying to be “architectural.” The view is gorgeous, but I’m not so sure of the neighborhood. $16.5 million for a crap house in Miami (not Miami Beach or Coral Gables), even though it’s waterfront, is laughable. Please bulldoze it.

    • Daniel

      It’s amazing that the same architects who designed this monstrosity also designed one of my favorite homes in Miami-Dade, Jeffrey Soffer’s home in Indian Creek Island:

      • Alex

        The house in the link is incredibly beautiful! Do you happen to know the address?

        • Daniel

          27 Indian Creek Island Road, Indian Creek Village, FL.

          Here are some interior pictures:

          And an article about the home:

          • Venom

            How did someone who designed that design that thing up top?
            Were they drunk? Was it a dare?

      • Iemand

        Dear God, how many rooms/doors are in that place???

        Ontopic: Ugly “house”. Next!

  • NOVA Ben

    I agree 100% with Daniel on this one. This does look like some extremely pretentious architectural statement, and one I don’t “get” at all. The photos in this listing look photocopied from an issue of Architectural Digest from back when this place was built, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case.

    It’s not clear to me what style of home this is supposed to be, but the blockiness is not pleasing at all. Inside similarly defies any categorization architecturally, and I don’t like it much more than the exterior. And that pool…what a gimmick. Great, so it echoes the boxiness of the home, fabulous. Hope you like swimming laps with very sharp corners. At least the hospital is just down the street. The structure between the home and the tennis court is just horrid.

  • Venom

    I think this house literally took 5 minutes to design.
    This is just terrible.

  • Venom

    I should imagine that when you are trying to ask almost $17 million for a pile of human excrement like this, you could take the time to call someone to paint the light poles outside….

  • rob

    Oh no, I think I really like it. I like the play on the classical with the modern. It reminds me of a well done museum of modern art. Utilzing classical elements without being overpowered by them. I would like to see more pics of the interior to make sure it is not just a dark box. I like the color scheme as well adn the courtyard is great. The pool has great lines.

  • Hugh

    Don’t blame the architect, blame the owner!
    They obviously wanted a big house and wanted some middle eastern influences.

    This is such an exclusive part of Miami, its well worth the price.

  • fazalhoyz

    Is this some sort of “Off-the-shelf-AGED-Home” ???

  • Francesco

    This house reminds me of some palaces in Venice, maybe they tried to take some feature but the result isn’t very satisfying…

  • DJL

    The house really looks like somebody hasn’t been taking care of the exterior. The distressed exterior can’t possibly a ‘design feature’.

  • Erik

    Is this a prison?

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