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  • Chance

    According to Forbes they are the highest earning celebrity couple of the past year, over $75 million. Looks good so far, but this is probably about as much of it as we’re gonna see for a long time at least.

  • Daniel

    I like what I see so far.

  • Nalin

    wow very nice. Thats a really nice layout

  • joejoe509

    What a monstrocity! For a supermassive house, this looks pretty “tasteful”.

    • Iemand


      But way to big. I like a big home with ‘enough space’ but this is just…to much.
      And a house this size needs room aka a big yard. So ehm…

  • Tony

    I don’t like it, I thought i would like it at first when I saw earlier photos from an earlier stage in the construction, but I do not like the architectural style, the roof looks weird and the style of the front facade is all over the place, it is squared at some parts, triangular at some parts, rounded at some parts and castle like at some parts, it doesn’t look consistent with a particular style, it looks like someone gave a magic marker to a little girl and said draw a Barbie dream house and then used the drawing as a blue print, i do like the size and scale of it but the architectural design looks tacky so far and i’d assume the interior wouldn’t be the best quality if they can’t make the outside look better than that unless another company is responsible for the interior than the one responsible for the exterior, also someone said we’d probably never see the inside for a long time, I kinda think the opposite, I think there are some stars like Oprah who’ve been rich so long they don’t care to show off, for example Oprah has never really showed the inside of her Montecito home, she just shows the gardens, exterior and guest house, but back in the day when Oprah was younger she used to show off the interior of her Chicago apartment all the time, these people are young and filthy rich, and you don’t build a big pretentious monstrocity like this unless you want attention, I say within a few years (if not less) of when the construction and interior decorating is complete they will be showing this home off in the pages of Architectural Digest or someone other magazine

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