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  • Daniel

    Screw the koi pond, this place has a moat! I love this place. Exterior is imposing and austere, interior is beautifully classical. I wonder if it is possibly to convert the 80 bedrooms into something more manageable, like 10. Either way, it is a beautiful property that I would own in a heartbeat over that $163 million school in a London suburb.

  • Mak

    Kenny…you’re surfing the Christies Great Estates site, eh? Seems as many of these places are listed there…,hahah…

    and yea Daniel…this place has an excellent koi moat, but damn…you would grow some seriously large koi.

    • Kenny Forder

      Haha yes, I am 😉 also luxuryrealestate.com

    • Daniel

      NO! No koi anywhere! I don’t eat koi, and if I had a trillion dollars I still wouldn’t eat it! Sharks are acceptable, but not some smelly pond fish. It’s a breeding ground for gnats and mosquitoes.

  • Venom

    I must say that I am enjoying International week/month here at Homes of the Rich.

    Moat > Koi Pond any day of the week.

    You are not a true baller until you have a moat and a drawbridge.

  • joejoe509

    Lol. You guys are funny. 🙂

    I’d personally like to stay within the US for most of these posts. But it’s cool either way.

    This house is SO far and above anything I’d ever be comfortable living in. I definitely like it – it’s VERY nice especially for a freaking castle. Love it! It’s just not something I’d ever purchase.

  • rob

    This builder has gone way overboard with the castle theme on this one. It doesn’t even look real. I think if you are going to be this themey ( is that a word) you should use more restraint. It almost looks like there is too much white on this building in that snowstorm. It almost gets lost in the pic. They should tone down the snow a little bit. And what was wrong with the landscaper? That whole lawn is flooded.

    • Mak

      yea…you’re totally right about this…and another thing…wayyyy too many windows for a castle, and wheres the crenelated roof and battlements and stuff? Hell, how would you even SHOOT from this place if you had too?


    • Iemand

      Have you read the description:

      The ultra-luxurious château was originally built donjon ( a square natural stone tower) in the 13th century and a highly defensible fortress and has been extended over the centuries.

      After a period of neglect in the 20th century the chateau and the adjacent farmstead were fully restored by some of the best European craftsmen to its former glory.

      So yes, It’s definitely and old place. To me (as an Architecture student) this is one hell of a place.

      *Iemand now realises your comment was sarcastic…

  • Olivier

    Nice place !

    btw : Luxembourg isn’t a city in Belgium… but in Luxembourg :p

    • Iemand

      Yeah, Kenny you need to fix that! 😛

  • Raven

    No, the castle is in Belgium.

    There are two Luxembourg.
    The country. And Luxembourg, a province of Belgium.

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