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  • John Burgdorf (North Texas Luxury)

    Pool complex looks nice. But, oh my. The rest. Hideous, IMHO.

  • Georgio

    Over 26 thousand sq. ft. of home for just 1.3m? Of course, from an architect or designer’s POV, it is no beauty, but I don’t think that was the point here. The wood used in the kitchen at least looks nice.

  • Grrrowler

    Yeah, it’s unfinished, but it will only get worse when it’s done. The brickwork on the outside…WTF? It’s also the largest house in the area by far. What a sad bloated white elephant.

  • rob

    I like that they have gone one step above and gotten rid of the koi pond and decided to have a stingray pool instead. ONly the very baddest ballers hand raise stingrays in their house. Mak will probably love this.

    • Kenny Forder

      I think they mean stingray shaped swimming pool haha

    • Mak

      Def. Stingrays are BAD. ASS! Yessirrebob…it would be something the neighbors would fret about constantly…those damn flying fish getting out and stinging the shit out of them at night while they were sleeping. Nightmares I tell ya!

      And yaknowwhat? It would take a serious amount of bad ass to even LIVE in a house that looks as poopy as this one. I mean you’ve got to have some big cajones to be able to tell people that you live in such an embarassingly craptastic place. amirite?

  • Daniel

    The outside of the home has Vitiligo. Damn shame all that wood was wasted on the interior.

  • Scott

    Admittedly not a great looking house, but as McMansions go, not extraordinarily hideous…..and at that price I might be tempted…..

  • joejoe509

    Overall: McMansion monstrocity

    At first I thought “Wow! That indoor pool/conservatory is amazing!”. Until I saw the aerial view that is vomit inducing. Yuck. This house could have been nice and I kinda see where they were headed. Unfortunately the end result is amateur at best. Someone needs to purchase this house, strip it down to its bones and start over with a more educated builder and a clearer direction.

  • Marie

    I’d be surprised if it gets finished anytime soon.

  • Al Robinson

    This home is soo far away from Chicago, it’s approximately in between Chicago and Milwaukee. I wouldn’t even know which sports teams to root for.


    It’s in a good spot on the lake and all, but I don’t understand why it was built in the first place. I guess I think it could be a nice home, but there is way too much hardwood floors. The outside white bricks don’t make sense. But for that price, I guess it’s good for someone who is rich.

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