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  • Daniel

    It has some industrial bits but looks cozy overall. View could be better. I don’t think I would like TriBeCa all that much, especially at $22 million.

  • Grrrowler

    I like this place. It’s obviously been done up by a skilled decorator and needs some personal items to really bring it to life, but it looks good as-is. I like the kitchen-as-lounge concept, which is how mine is done. I also like the catwalk in the library, but the lower level of that room is my least favorite; it’s too white and too dull. The other thing I’d want to change is to have some sort of wood cover created for the pool so that it could be used as additional terrace space when the pool isn’t in use.

  • joejoe509

    Very nice! I’m not sure I’d ever find myself in the market for something like this. But if I was looking for a high-class New York penthouse, this would be on my list for sure. Personally it could use some more contrast in colors. It’s too stuffy and too corporate. Yeah… the view is kinda boring but what do you do? If it had a nicer view it would probably cost twice as much.

    This would not be my primary residence. If I had a penthouse in a large city, it would basically be a business suite or for getaways. Getaway to the CITY? Sounds weird doesn’t it? lol

  • Venom

    I swear people see New York and their brains go dead.

    How is this gorgeous? It is a bland $22 million box with a bland kitchen that apparently you can kick the island when you are sitting on the couch.

    What is so skilled about the decorating? It is white chairs and white couches with some white orb lights. I am pretty sure a 10 year old child could do something so pathetic and simple.
    I am sure you think the pool is some sort of architectural masterpiece too, you know being that really complicated design of being a rectangle.

    If this crap was sitting on a lot in the Midwest somewhere you would all be blasting it to kingdom come.

    Nothing says genius in kitchen design like a microwave that you have to bend over and down every time that you want to use it.

  • Barney

    WHO do you think you ARE, Venom?!?! ……….ME?!?! lololol……

    You sound just like me whenever I see the omnipresent, ridiculously overdone, HIDEOUS, pretentious-off-the-scale, BOOOORING, tasteless and CLONED traditionals that make up the vast majority of this site. Of course, I think you’re all wrong….as almost everyone does regarding me and contemporary/mid-centry modern/art deco tastes.

    Tell us how you really feel! 🙂

    • Venom

      I mean come on Barney, you are from Grosse Pointe.
      I expect better from you than to be impressed with garbage like this. lol

      • Barney

        Yikes!………”Garbage”….really, Ven??

        Just ’cause I’m from G.P. doesn’t in any way, shape or form mean that I don’t like contemporary, clean lines, with high ceilings, simple design themes and modern furniture and an easy, light touch when it comes to colors, themes and accessories! And I can guarantee you that the custom, imported Bulthaup kitchen cost at least $100,000 dollars and is worth every penny. Your not liking the placement of the microwave does not render the entire thing worthless. And, I utterly beg (BIG) time to differ with you…..5 bedroom SUITES, with one room featuring a 33 foot high ceiling, TWO wood burning fireplaces, on two FULL floors, and FIFTY windows, ALL THE WAY AROUND, with THAT much terrace space, and your OWN pool, in Manhattan…one of the FIVE, if not THREE top cities in the ENTIRE world, is as far from “garbage” as ANY piece of real estate can possibly get 🙂

        • Venom

          Pray God tell me how that crappy kitchen is worth $100,000.
          It has about $30,000 or so in appliances, where is the rest of the money?
          Anyone who would pay $100,000 for that is retarded.
          A Clive Christian kitchen I would think might be worth that much, but not this.

          Please don’t act like NY is the godlike place, it is not. My family owns multiple apartment buildings in NYC, granted not Manhattan, but I have been going there since I was born and it is not that wonderful.

          The only value in spending these ridiculous sums in NY is if you are making ridiculous sums like ripping off people’s pensions and so on. If you are not making obscene sums of money there, then these prices are ridiculous and overpriced.

          A 33 foot high ceiling is ridiculous. My great room has 20 ft ceilings which are more than high enough. You know what they are good for though is cold rooms as the heat rises. My neighbor has 30+ft ceilings in his indoor basketball court, those at least have a purpose.

          I have spent almost all this month in Chicago and I am looking at moving there and I think the city and the outlying suburbs are great and the prices realistic and reasonable.

          Modern and contemporary design offends me. You get a bunch of lazy people that do basically nothing and have no detail work in their designs or product and then try to turn around and charge stupid people obscene amounts of money for the work and even more in many cases than highly detailed work.

          I think the pool and kitchen were designed in a combined 2 minutes with a ruler and a pencil.

          I consider modern design the painting 2 polar bears fighting in the snow.
          Take a blank canvas, and paint 2 dots on it. Done.

          • Daniel

            Speaking of Clive Christian, it seems he’s updated his website and actually put prices ( :0 ) on there. And i pretty much agree with your assessment on contemporary architecture. The only architect who actually designs something worthwhile is Guy Dreier.


          • Kenny Forder

            WOW! Those rooms are breathtakingly amazing…..and the prices are cray-zayyyyy

          • Barney

            Oooooohhhh my friend……….we MOST PAINFULLY AND OBVIOUSLY come from different design planets, alllllllltogether. To quote one of my ALL TIME favorite movie lines from 1982 or 3’s “A Christmas Story”, I “double-dog-dare-ya!” to tell me that you TRULY have CATEGORICALLY trashed ALL modern design from it’s inception from the early 20th century onward! You’re saying that the worlds most exquisitely-designed-and-executed, thoughtful, colorful, ground-breaking, sensuous, glamorous and down right stunning examples of that genre that’ve been featured for decades in the pages “Architectural Digest”, and hailed by so many of the top designers in the world (and countless lay people) as beautiful is ALL CRAP?!?! Even though I pretty much INTENSELY DISLIKE 99% of allllll the traditional, english, french and spanish design I’ve seen throughout my life, and could NEVER see myself living in any of it, I still cannot logically trash ALL of them as being worthless junk! I’ve always been able, am able, and will be able to discern and appreciate all styles of architecture & interior design, when they’re done RIGHT. I know you’re not that unsophisticated and obtuse! C’mon…..join the “I’ll-never-even-slightly-like-it-but-can-fully-appreciate-the-work-and-materials-that-went-into-it-party!”……….there’s ALWAYS room for more 🙂

  • NOVA Ben

    Well this posting certainly has its detractors, but I quite like the apartment. And I would point out to Venom that there is a difference between lazily simple design and clean & modern design. This is more the latter than the former. It’s easy to jump on this place as being “boring”, and assume that because of that, a 10-year-old child would be able to design it…in reality there’s a lot more nuance and attention to little details that go into something like this…it adds up to a subtle “feel” that a place has…and that it would not have if said 10-year-old child did indeed design it. I don’t want to sound pretentious though, I’m merely trying to express why this doesn’t fall into the category of “boring”, at least to me or others that like it.

    That said, however, I do believe that this place could use a splash of color here and there, but I really like the overall feel of it. The views are indeed a shame, and for $22 million, I’d like a private garage, not “two spaces in the building’s garage”. Overall, though, it’s nice.

    • Barney

      Here here Ben!! See my latest salvo above…..it’s GREAT to have some backup here!! Agree completely with you about the lack-of-color issue…….that place needs ME, STAT! I could turn it into something TRULY drool-worthy.

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