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  • Daniel

    Eh. I’m not really feeling this house. Maybe because it seems so cold inside. For $8 million I think I could find a nicer country that offers the same (if not better) view.

    • Oliver

      you will not find a nicer country Dan! costa rica is referred to as the switzerland of central america!!

  • Grrrowler

    The location and the exterior are nice. The interior is completely uninspiring. I like the dining room ceiling and that’s it for the interior for me. I like Costa Rica and this would make a decent vacation house, with a better interior.

  • Mak

    I think its an excellent value. You get a bridge to nowhere with it! I do agree that the interior design and the furnishings are very uninspiring, but that can be solved.

    I totally TOTALLY dig the idea of the circular drive way being a helipad.

  • Venom

    So boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    What an awful interior and just beyond bland.
    An injustice for its location.
    That theater and that kitchen are just awful.

  • Oliver

    I’ve totally been by this house when i was in costa rica!!!!!!!!! We did a zip-lining tour that ended at a dirt cul-de-sac that you can see in picture 2!!!! we got to walk up to the suspension bridge but it has a gate barring entrance, pictures totally dont do the view justice!!!

    KENNY–IM SO GLAD YOU FOUND THIS HOUSE!!!!!! ive been looking for it ever since i left Costa Rica!! You cant zoom in far enough on google maps.

    I love this house, I always wondered what it would be like so see it up close! I love it, some things in the interior could be changed around, make it less bland and do something about that theater but besided that i love it! and i want it!

  • rob

    I love this house. I really like the bridge to the village. The location looks great with spectacular jungle and ocean views. 13 acres seems like a reasonable amoutn of land. I like the way the layout takes advantage of the views. The exterior has nice clean lines. I

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