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  • Daniel

    Eh. Usually I would be fawning over a Newport gilded age estate, but this one doesn’t feel special. It looks like it was remodeled in the 1970. The foyer looks like something you’d see in a home in Barrington. Some rooms still look nice, but overall I don’t like it. Exterior is unkempt, and the rooftop terrace looks like they put a trailer on top of the place.

  • Grrrowler

    Well I’m disappointed. From the title, I was expecting a spectacular Newport cottage. The exterior is just plain off, both front and back. Part of the problem is that hideous wart of an addition stuck into the roof. And yes, the back of it does look like a contractor’s trailer sitting on the roof-top desk. I don’t care how many square feet it adds to the house, that should be the first thing to go. I don’t know what’s in that space but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the master suite. Still, it would have to go. The exterior wood trim also needs to be changed to something other than that flesh tone. The attached garages should be removed and a separate garage building with quarters above built at the east end of the motor court, and a guest house should be put elsewhere on the property. After those things and some better landscaping, it could start to look nicer.

    The interior is sad. There are glimpses of the house it used to be, but it hasn’t aged well at all. It’s very obvious what was renovated since there doesn’t seem have been any attempt to make the new materials blend in with the old in terms of how old they appear. I can only guess when it was renovated, but I don’t believe it’s been within this century. The bathrooms and kitchen are hideously outdated. Still, some of the rooms are nicely scaled, so there are possibilities.

  • Mak

    Damn. I’m disappointed too. I abso-freakin LUTLEY hate the windows.

    The only floor that looks original is the one with the piano. The rest…ugh city.

    I cannot BELIEVE someone actually slapped that “whatever you call it” on the roof like that. SLIDING GLASS DOORS? Seriously? It completely ruined the roofline in the front.

    It could have been one really kewl house to rehab, but this…this is just NOT it.

    I like the austere landscaping. It fits with a windblown, forlorn, almost scottish castle exterior.

  • NOVA Ben

    Well, put the two phrases “Newport” and “built in 1891” in a description, and you have my attention right away. But like everyone else here, this is more than disappointing. The exterior has none of the grace and grandeur that late 19th century Newport homes instill in my mind. And Grrrowler hit the nail on the head in saying that there are glimpses of what the home once was on the inside but that the renovations are old and not-so-sympathetically done. The non-original renovations make the castle theme look half-baked at best, and all of the many needs on this property make this quite a project. There ARE bright spots in several places, but I would think the cost to bring this up to par will easily break well into 7 figures.

    I’ll be curious to see a) when this home sells, b) for how much, and most importantly c) what the new owner does with it. I hope for the best in all regards.

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