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  • Chance

    I’m just gonna get out my laugh now, and leave it at that.


    • Mike M

      Whats so funny, if that’s where the man wants to live and he has the money to built it then let him….

  • Daniel

    Why you would build a house this size in Missouri is beyond me. Put it on an oceanfront lot or in the middle of Beverly Hills and then I’ll be impressed.

    • Daniel

      And I find it humorous how the article stresses the fact it is made out of concrete. What is so special about that? The whole thing about it being made into a giant storm shelter should prove interesting when one actually does hit it. I doubt they included the equally necessary hurricane-proof windows in the construction. Have fun trying to keep the roof from flying off when all your windows are gone and the pressure builds up.

    • Rocco

      He’s a paranoid spook and Missouri is the middle state. Not exactly equidistance from the US borders, but pretty close. And I seriously doubt what you see is what you get – there is probably more underground!

  • Venom

    This is ridiculous and the location is completely retarded for a house this house.
    Seems like the kind of house that will not get completed and just sit rotting away for decades.

  • Lisa

    I lived in this area for nearly 10 years (10 minutes away). It’s secluded, beautiful, with tons to do. Hunting, swimming, fishing, hiking, shopping, near major transportation and best of all, low crime. That doesn’t even cover it all. Sure this house is huge but it isn’t the only million dollar house.
    Yes, you do have to worry about tornadoes but this form of building is energy efficient. As you can see by the website it will be nearly self sufficient and will be a very green building. It will be able to withstand just about anything you throw at it, including hurricanes.
    When you want to get away from it all yet still be near everything this is where you go.
    Also don’t forget, this guy has a lot of money and is providing jobs to what I would bet is hundreds of people.

    • Christopher Williams

      I don’t know any specifics about this guys family. But unless he has a fairly large one, building a 75k SF home is just plain overkill. Aside from that, Missouri isn’t anywhere on the list when I think of Luxury in America, so he will have an even harder time trying to sell this behemoth if, and when he ever decides to sell on down the line.

    • Robin

      This isn’t a house. It’s a palace. Symbolic of ruling over the people below perhaps?

      About those two dozen $2/hr jobs lasting for a year and a half: ROFLMAO.

  • Grrrowler

    When finished, this will have all the grandeur and glamour of the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas.

    I have quite a few relatives just north of here, and it’s a beautiful area. I personally have no desire to live in the area, but there are lots of things to do. And, nothing says that a person with enough money to build a house this size doesn’t have one or more houses elsewhere.

    The problem I see is if Steven Huff ever wants to sell it. There will be little to no market for this.

  • Marcus

    That is one ugly house. Very poor work by the architect – not much design to it, just a huge box with some cutouts for windows.

  • Al Robinson

    Considering this guy used to be in the defense industry, I can kind of understand him wanting a home that’s no where near places where terrorists would attack.

    Plus, remember when Ira Rennert built his compound, and all of the rich people who complained that his place made their mansions look small. I don’t think that the normal people in southeastern Missouri would complain that much.

    About the house itself, I think that this place is starting to look more like David Siegel’s “Versailles”. Stacked up tall.

  • Orlando2

    Biltmore Estate?

  • LE

    I think it’s far too early in construction to judge the style of the home as to whether it’s aesthetically pleasing or not. It’s got probably another year if not two before it’ll be done and I’m sure it’ll look a lot different by then. It look likes very similar to the the Biltmore house in Asheville, NC and I’ve seen many pictures of the home during construction and it looked like a mess and now it’s the most beuatiful house in the country (as far as I’m concerned).
    As far as location is concerned…although I wouldn’t necessarily pick MO to build my house unless my business, family and friends were well established in the immedidate area so chances are this owner is only out to impress himself and his guests. He’s not out to impress anyone else and prefers privacy over a conspicuous display of wealth by building on a tiny 1 acre lot with no privacy at all. Just my guess because that’s what I would do…

    • Barney

      Sooooo, OVER SEVENTY-TWO THOUSAND square feet IS NOT CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Dylan

    Where did you see the plans?

  • Marie

    I’m completely stunned, Missouri???

  • John Burgdorf (North Texas Luxury)

    Wow! 72,000 sq. feet is too much for anyone. Too big!

  • Tay

    Never compare such a mess to the Biltmore estate….!

  • Barney

    THIS MAKES ME SO VIOLENTLY SICK TO MY STOMACH that words ALMOST fail me. If I live to be A MILLION YEARS old, I will NEVVVVVVVVER be able to comprehend the fact that myself, and the man who wanted, designed, is building, and will pay for this GHASTLY WRETCHED NIGHTMARE from the TWELTH LEVEL OF HELL can ACTUALLY OCCUPY THE SAME SPECIES at the same time. If you needed a bigger example of how HOPELESSLY F#CKED UP our country is than this, meaning he made his (I’m SURE) BILLIONS of dollars from WARFARE, then you are QUITE CATEGORICALLY HOPELESS. This honestly makes me want to become (by comparison) QUAKER….REVOLTING in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY.

  • Mel

    In the general Branson area, there are over three dozen movie star homes, where privacy is fully maintained/respected. Not only inexpensive land, but several private airports, lakes, golf courses and Branson entertainment/etc drive these investments. Andy William’s $6 million mansion is still in number one on my list, but Brad’s home is close second. Brad has local roots in the area and has introduced many to Missouri. Unlike other California/Florida/Vegas/New York venues, the Branson area provides a respectful escape/friendly people/safe/low tax rates at a reasonable cost for 5-10-100-1000 acre parcels. Missouri’s Ozark Mountain Region provides absolutely beautiful four season vacation rest-stop between West Coast/East Coast meetings- just ask Brad and Andy

  • JohnT

    One word. Hideous

  • Brian

    Anyone know who the GC or architect might be on this project?

  • Seake

    Google Earth Location


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  • Donna

    Concrete with what other ingredient?

  • Brianne

    My thoughts… if a person wants to use their money for a house like this, so be it. It’s his money! As far as Missouri.. there is no more beautiful place on Earth. For those of you laughing at the location, you have obviously never been here, and that is just fine. We do not need fools like you to be in our beautiful space. That is one of the reasons this is such a paradise, luckily, you fools stay away! As far as the ‘$2/hr jobs’, sorry Honey, this man will employ many more people than what you have imagined and these people will earn a good income. Where might they have earned a living elsewhere at this time? I doubt they are complaining of having work! Consider also, the materials, services, furnishings, landscaping, plumbers, electricians, and on and on. So many of you live on sour grapes.Thank you for staying out of Missouri. I am happy for this family and the people involved in this one home being built in a beautiful place.

    • Barney


  • Bryan

    Well said Brianne! That’s the problem with people today, they want to bitch about a guy spending HIS money, not to mention provide some seriously needed employment. Then they want to start ripping about the location being in Missouri and talk crap about low wages. To you folks whining about building a place in Missouri, PISS OFF! Chances are you have never been to Missouri, as in truly traveled the State to know about it. We all know you would rather build some mansion in a nice liberal suburb somewhere, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us all want to live in your little hypocritical socialistic caldrons. Some of us like our space and precisely to get the hell away from people like you! So typical, it’s only okay if YOU have the money, but not anyone else. And if you did have the money, you wouldn’t do any different. Go back to your little coffee shop, pay $6 for a stupid coffee with some cute name and shut up. Meanwhile, the rest of us will go grab our $1 McDonald’s drive thru coffee, pocket the other $5 and save up for our mansion in Missouri just to piss you off.

  • Bill

    Hope to see Helixfiber used more, too many tradesmen resistant to change. Only one business around here uses it. America is behind the times in quality long life cycle home construction. Glad to see some one raised the bar in America. Kudos

  • Erik

    Shawshank redemption II

  • Deb

    What the hell is wrong with Missouri? Y do we get such a bad wrap as a good place to live. Its beautiful here and you can find alot of places where theres peace and quite. I think he picked the perfect spot. As for the house I just wouldn’t want to be the maid!!!!!!!!!

  • Teresa

    Deb, shhhhhh! let them think Missouri is a hell hole, keeps ’em out of here. OK? thanks

  • Nightmoves

    Saw the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy episode on this house this morning. Very interesting.

  • FMbandit

    Do you think the locals will kill him for not making his residence more in keeping with the town’s back-woods-everyone-knows-everyone aesthetic. (Hot Fuzz Joke).

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