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  • Daniel

    Quite fascinating. I wish they would do a series for South Florida/Palm Beach.

  • NOVA Ben

    Sounds like an interesting read!

  • Barney


    If it’s even possible, that book and this video are EVEN BETTER than your plain ol’, everyday, average real estate porn…………that book sounds & looks exactly like it’s gonna’ be REAL ESTATE and INTERIOR DESIGN CRACK for us addicts! GOTTA’ have it!

    • Al Robinson

      …But you’ll still read “Homes of the Rich” won’t you? We need to make Kenny the “Real Estate Porn” kingpin. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  • JDannyMac

    Fingers crossed he gets the house locations right in the book.

  • Michael Gross

    CORRECTION: It was Douglas Fairbanks, not Junior, who sublet Grayhall, and the Playboy Mansion is in the lower left hand corner of the video when it mistakenly focuses on the house next door. Google Earth isn’t easy! Mea culpa!

    • Grrrowler

      I noticed that the Playboy mansion mistake in the Google flyover. The house Gross names as the Playboy mansion is the “Moroccan fantasy” that’s just down the street.

      • Silverstone

        Actually, it’s directly across the street from the Playboy Mansion.

  • Al Robinson

    Kenny, as far as YouTube videos are concerned, you found an amazing one. WOW! That was really cool. I agree with Daniel, he needs to do one for Palm Beach, but also, the Hamptons, Atlanta, and your neck of the woods (i.e. Alpine / Saddle River)

  • j

    Dear kenny, have you heard of the new exclusive community called Marisol in Malibu? It looks amazing and there model house is great
    Here is a link:

    Also if you go to marisolmalibu.com and go to photo gallery and click on MariSol Malibu Beach House it shows amazing pictures of there model house.

    • j

      Actually you click on showcase estate to view the model house

  • Dina Greenberg Tenser

    Michael, I have read all your books and loved them I am a friend of your sister Jane…we were home room pals in Rockville Center. I actually met you in NYC in your office at NY Magazine. I am currently in Southampton with my friend Roberta Druck. We would love to see Jane for breakfast or an early lunch Friday or Saturday before her book signing. Would you please forward this email to Jane. Good Luck with your new book it looks great.


    Dina Greenberg Tenser


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