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  • Daniel

    The exterior looks like a library you would find in Miami Beach and the interior looks like the common area of a hotel you would find in Miami Beach. I don’t see where the 40,000+ sq ft is. The price is yet another example of something that sounds nice and has nothing to do with the actual value of the place.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior definitely looks like some sort of municipal building. There are parts of the interior that I do like. The bedrooms all look way too plain, but the living and dining rooms aren’t bad. They’re not great, but they’re not bad. I don’t see how there’s 43,000 square feet in this place. I guess by the time you add 10 fairly large bedrooms, you get a lot of square feet.

  • rob

    Third World office complex.

    • Barney

      What a BLITHERINGLY IGNORANT and INSULTING thing to say. Shows your intelligence level, “sophistication” and “maturity” levels. You wouldn’t know what TRUE THIRD WORLD circumstances are if they knocked your teeth out……thanks for living DOWN to the classic term “UGLY American”.

  • Brian

    This is weird. First, someone stole around 13,000 sq. ft. Then, they are selling this place after only 2 yrs. Probably realized it was too cramped. Then, they got this thing CLOSE to the ocean and a lake, but not actually THERE. They are probably going to make another try at it….

  • ethan

    Not a nice house, but around that area, Jose Ignacio, are one of the most beautiful homes in South America. A private gorgeous place that not everyone has access to. Some comments about third world are unnecessary and believe me, South America is happening, and if you haven’t been there it’s because you may be here, but living in minimum wage and hoping to one day you may have enough savings to take a trip somewhere. Grow up, people.

    • Chance

      Uruguay definitely isn’t “Third World”, but it’s GDP per capita is still about 1/4 of the United States. I’m sure it’s pretty, but let’s be realistic.

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