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  • Orlando

    Right on the Harbor. I love my city!!!

  • Matt

    i would never pay that much to live in baltimore. no matter what the view is

  • Grrrowler

    The location on the harbor is pretty cool and the views are nice. The house itself is interesting. It’s obviously two townhouses combined into one, which gives it some strange features. The two front doors look odd and I also don’t get the the carriageway through the house. It looks like public access to the waterfront.

    The interior is nice but boring. There just isn’t that much going on here. There’s lot of beige, and lots of safe uninteresting furniture. Because it originally two rooms, the living room is very oddly scaled; it’s too long and narrow. I’m wondering if there are two kitchens, two entrance foyers, etc. 10 bedrooms is also way too much, and says that the houses weren’t really combined, they just had the central walls removed. I don’t like the noticeable lack of art work on the main level. The walls are just bare, except for the single painting/print hanging above the stove. Above the stove?! The interior needs a skilled decorator to get rid of the all the beige and give it some life.

    The price: it’s almost double the next most expensive house in the area, and I doubt it will get near the asking price.

  • Iemand

    Wait a minute, that whole building is one home?
    Then I agree with Grrrowler about the weird carriageway, double doors, garage on both sides which seems to me is very impractible.
    But it looks fine to be honest, I like the location (Bing Maps shows me the wrong place, can somebody give me the right bing maps location?).

    One thing I don’t understand, it’s build of bricks/concrete etc. but why has it columns? I can see why it’s there, but it doesn’t have to be…

  • Daniel

    No f-ing way I would have a something built on the water like that. it just looks so unsafe in my eyes. The place is nice, but it does seem pricey.

  • NOVA Ben

    At first this wasn’t quite as bad as I was expecting, but that was before I realized what Grrrowler pointed out about it being multiple units combined into one. That does make for some awkward quirks layout-wise, and I wouldn’t want those quirks when I’m paying $8.5 million. The plus is that you get a penthouse apartment feel in a detached home, which suits the location pretty well. Interior is boring, however. It needs some decorating to have a fighting chance. But then there’s the location….Baltimore. Not exactly a hot-spot for luxury real estate, so that’ll definitely hold this property back.

    Also, I imagine that this thing being built literally on top of the water would make any kind of exterior maintenance a living nightmare.

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