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  • Daniel

    Exterior is horrible. Interior is the same as other homes in Dubai: gigantic foyer (reminiscent of a hotel) with enough marble to put some quarries to shame. Kitchen is one of the most atrocious I have seen – do they not allow islands in the UAE? All the other rooms are too open and too tacky. I’d take the rugs and leave the rest. The view is pretty cool though. Price seems cheaper than some other Dubai properties we have seen…have they finally come to terms that Dubai is a bust?

  • Chance

    Basically Daniel hit the nail on the head. One thing I will say is I like the way the pool is designed, with that sitting area on the water.

  • Benz

    Beautiful materials…ugly utilization! What a shame

  • Grrrowler

    I hate this place. I realize that I don’t have Middle Eastern design aesthetics; I can’t stand rows of sofas and chairs facing each other. I’m surprised in picture 4 that there are actually seating areas behind the central island of sofas. Having different layers of furniture, not to mention furniture in the center of a room, is not that common in this style. Still, design aesthetics aside, this is awful. The kitchen looks like it doubles as a bowling alley. There are some cool buildings in Dubai, but this one just doesn’t do the rest of them justice.

  • Venom

    These people’s homes are as gaudy as what they do to their cars.
    The world will be done a huge favor when they run out of money.

    Nothing like sitting in your couches in your foyer right in front of the stairs…
    I am not quite sure what to make of that kitchen, nothing good I can tell you.

    What a shame, some of the finest materials in the world wasted on the homes of these people.

  • Chris

    I just vomited. wtf, this is so damn ugly!

  • Chris

    I guess I’m not gaudy enough to want to live in Dubai.

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