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  • Daniel

    Ugh. These HDR over-saturated photos are starting to irk me. The house is interesting, but it looks like it would be impossible to keep it from looking dated. The foyer is pretty neat though.

  • Grrrowler

    I agree with Daniel completely regarding the HDR photos. HDR can be interesting for effect on certain pictures, but not on every picture, and not for listing photos.

    As for the house itself, I like it well enough. I’m a fan of the Pueblo style, if it’s done right. I like some of the rustic elements of this house, but would prefer different furniture. It would be a nice contrast to have some slightly more interesting, and unexpected, furnishings (and art) along with the the expected Southwest style to make it more eclectic, and urbane.

    As for the location, I like the Santa Fe area…in fact I like the entire norther NM area. I don’t know that I’d want to live there, and I would never want to live on a golf course.

  • NOVA Ben

    It’s okay…I like the style, but agree with Grrrowler that it’d be cool to mix it up furnishings-wise to make it a bit more interesting aesthetically.

    I do think that homes this large are a little awkward when built as single-story places. They end up being sprawling, and while single-story has its advantages, it’s not my thing at this end of the size scale. Not a fan of the NM location either….just not my thing.

  • rob

    I really like the house but why would you move to Santa Fe to live in a golf course community? A house in Santa Fe should be set out in the desert away from everyone with sweeping vistas and seclusion.

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