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  • Daniel

    The main house looks very nice, but there is too much going on in the surrounding property. A church, numerous guest cottages, a farm, silos, horses, swans, dogs with fowl in their mouths, etc.

  • george

    Just think about it, you could build a 1,000 acre koi pond. WOW

    • Mak

      Silly boy…if you looked at the property on googlemaps, you would have seen they already HAVE a big koi pond…

  • Grrrowler

    Overall I quite like it. I could do without the church and narrow it down to the main house and one secondary house. I think the equestrian and farm outbuildings are fine; it IS an estate after all. The main house is quite nice. It looks like it’s been renovated in a sympathetic manner, and I like the style inside and out. I think it’s nice to see a true estate instead of a McMansion shoehorned onto a lot not much larger than the house itself.

  • Tcb

    Agree with Grrrowler. It’s nice to see that true estates are still out there.

  • Virginian

    That’s not a church, it’s a carriage house – a place where carriages (literally) used to be kept.

    Most of the old, grand Virginia estates have something similar.

  • Mak

    I think its beautiful. Its a classic.

  • NOVA Ben

    Oh my. This place is absolutely GORGEOUS. That acreage is mind-boggling, and not entirely necessary, but Jesus, look at that house. Truly a beautiful stone Revolution-era estate. I wish with all my heart they had included more interior photos, but what I see is beautiful. The renovations are absolutely seamless and everything is exactly how I’d want it for an estate of this type.

    Location-wise, this is pretty appealing too. You’re in prime Virginia hunt country, but still within an hour of DC. The extra outbuildings on the property do represent additional maintenance and it makes the property quite busy, but is completely typical of these historic hunt country estates.

    I like this a lot, and considering the acreage, additional buildings, and quality of renovation, the price doesn’t seem grossly out of line.

  • rob

    Another winner. This is a beautiful estate. Would love to live the life of a country squire here. Anyone know if this is in horse country. Are there any neighboring grand estates that you could ride over to visit.

    • NOVA Ben

      Yes, this is definitely horse country. Warrenton is about half an hour south and east of some of the most prestigious and wealthy equestrian properties in places like Middleburg, Delaplane, Upperville, Paris, The Plains (where many of the US Olympic equestrian team’s horses come from), etc, but is certainly still solidly a hunt & horse country estate.

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