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  • Daniel

    I don’t like the way the front entrance is positioned exterior-wise. Looks like an afterthought. Interior isn’t bad, just a little sleepy. Price seems very optimistic.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior is too busy. There are stone, brick, stucco, and wood elements and some of them, like the scattered shutters, seem random. The interior is actually pretty nice, at least most of it. It could be punched up a little bit to make it more interesting, but architecturally it’s got some nice features. The secondary bedrooms and bathrooms are way too plain and need lots of help.

  • NOVA Ben

    Now THAT’S a photo gallery!

    I’m more pleased with the exterior than the interior. There is a lot going on with the facade, like Grrrowler said, but it doesn’t really bother me, I kind of like it. Inside is a little uninspired. The layout seems okay, if a little derivative, but the decor is extremely boring. Most of the home could use more color, and I’m particularly unimpressed with the secondary bathrooms, they don’t look like bathrooms you’d find in an $8 million home. The kitchen is pretty nice, but oddly, I think I most like that butler’s pantry/mudroom area, not sure why. One little detail that irks me is the double sink in one of the powder rooms. What the hell is the point? Unless there’s two toilets, that’s a pointless design feature.

    I don’t see anything wrong with the grounds, they look nice.

    Overall this place is okay, and could be better with some more inspired decorating. The price does seem on the optimistic side, but you are getting a lot of house in a very desirable DC suburb.

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