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  • rob

    Nice but overpriced. I do not understand the pricing on Kiawah Island. It seems like everything on the island is overpriced. It is a nice enough island but don’t know what it is about it that makes people think they can command these kinds of prices.

  • LE

    My late father loved architecture as much as I do and if he had seen these pictures he would have responded with his most often used response to something he was impressed with by saying ‘unbelievable.’

    There’s not a thing I would change other than maybe the location. I love the ‘stick and shingle’ style exterior that gives it that turn of the century look and the interior is so well done…sophisticated yet simple using the ‘less is more’ principle. Just awesome!!!! Unbelievable…

  • Daniel

    While it is a very nice home, making some Greenwich homes we’ve recently seen look like cookie-cutter homes, come on. TWENTY-NINE MILLION? Nothing in South Carolina is worth that much. Call me pompous and arrogant all day, but it is true. Admirable that some thought was put into the architecture and interior design, but that price is downright laughable.

    • architect121

      If you think that’s overpriced checkout Charleston’s realestate market.

  • Grrrowler

    Other than changing some of the furniture and adding/changing some art, I wouldn’t change anything about the house. I think it’s beautiful both inside and out. The location is not what I would choose, especially for the price. For that money, I’d have my own SRW design built in a different location.

    • NOVA Ben


  • Mak

    I like this place. Its no Chiltern, but it has panache.

    What I don’t think is realistic is the price. Come on, seriously? 29M? Someone has been drinking all afternoon out in the sun and has gone seriously crazy. I know a LOT of silly money has been poured into the South Carolina coast from up north, but 29 big ones for this?

    Hell, for this kind of money, there better be a damned koi pond somewhere around it, but I can see there isn’t. It will never sell unless they put one in. Rich folks like their koi.

  • Barney

    Agreed all the way around……the price is certifiably insane.

    The ONLY possible way (if I lost my mind) I’d spend what I consider to me about TWELVE kings’ ransoms on ONE home like that is IF it was in one of the worlds most beautiful, unspoiled, heavenly and idyllic tropical islands. it would also have to have MAJOR acreage. The house isn’t my cup of tea AT ALL, and the location does nuthin’ for me. Wouldn’t you LUV to have a time machine, to be able to see what it really sells for, IF and when it does? The sellers & agent are off their rockers.

  • NOVA Ben

    I am just head over heels in love with this architecture firm. Every single home they build is a masterpiece, and I like them even more after reading a little bit about their process and philosophy. They are definitely a “less is more”-driven firm (even though their homes are very large), they put in so many thoughtful design touches and all their homes are just very very elegant and beautiful.

    This home is no exception. Although I wasn’t even very aware of it until recently, I’ve grown very fond of this particular style of architecture…I don’t know if you call it a “Charleston” style, or if there’s another name for it, but I really really love it. The sort of “V” footprint of this home manages to make a 15,000 sq ft mansion appear inviting and intimate from the front, but the spaces within spread out into quite a spacious home. That shape also pleasingly conforms to the outcropping of land on which it’s sited. The decor in this home is just to die for. I love the deep dark stains used on the wood, and the subtle colors and fittings. This place just gives me the butterflies, and there are even other homes by this company I like more!

    Having said all that, the list price for this home is probably one of the most egregiously and disproportionately high ones I’ve seen in quite a while. Yes, the area is very desirable and prices are high, but I have to think this asking price is heavy by at LEAST $10 or 12 million, and probably more. Other than that nasty price, though, it doesn’t get much better than this for me.

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