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  • Daniel

    Meh. I liked their Beverly Hills place a lot more. It had so much more character. This just seems like grandma’s house. The library is nice and so is the view from the staircase, but that’s about it for me.

  • John L.

    I really like this house. I think it was photographed much more effectively in the June 2011 Architectural Digest than it was for the listing. It seems like such a nice contrast from their Beverly Hills home on Doheny (which I also liked).

  • NOVA Ben

    The exterior is okay, it’s pretty “homey”-looking which is nice. Interior is too frilly overall, and the few rooms that deviate from the frillyness only serve to make the decor seem scatter-shot as a whole. WAY too much baby blue.

    The views are fantastic, though, and the lawns are impeccable.

  • Grrrowler

    I like some of Martyn Lawrence-Bullard’s work, but not this. The outside is OK, although it feels choppy (especially the back). The interior is way too frumpy. It feels overdone, like Martyn didn’t know when to stop. It’s just trying too hard.

    I know people pay a premium to live in Hidden Hills, but I hate it. If I wanted to live in a horsey area, I would choose Rancho Santa Fe over this area in heartbeat.

  • architect121

    according to the Architectural Digest article, they cut the home down to three bedrooms when they renovated, which is a HUGE mistake for resale.

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  • marilyn kennedymarilyn kennedy

    liked last house but this one is fab hope you both enjoy it xxxxxxxx

  • Jo

    It’s hot in them hills and all those windows were a mistake.. I love the Beverly Hills home and Sharon & Ozzy actually went back to look at it ( also for sale) but the new remodel changed their minds. When are senior citizens gonna get away from stairs ( unless You have an elevator? )

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