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  • Iemand

    It looks old, it looks cheap (look at the massive open space on photo #3; it’s just miles and miles of cheap plasterboard; incredibly cheap looking and incredibly boring), and it’s it’s (relatively) cheap.
    And I’m not even starting about the (back)yard…

    If I continue learning for architect, I would be ashamed of this.

  • Daniel

    I’d love to know which well-known “Palm Beach” architect designed this house, because NONE come to mind while looking at this sh!thole. Make it disappear.

  • Grrrowler

    Just another over-sized suburban tract home.

  • Brian

    I have discovered the name of the well known architect from Palm Beach. It’s Frank Floyd Wrong.

    • NOVA Ben

      Dreadful. Home Depot throughout, not a single redeeming feature in the place. The least they could’ve done is surround a shitty design in beautiful landscaping, but they didn’t even do that.

  • Mak

    It backs up to a swamp, a really really BIG swamp. Located in a no name golf course community, its probably the most expensive house there.

  • Venom

    Pretty damn terrible.
    No architect would ever claim this place as their own work.

  • richvanc

    Just…dreadful. Why are all the rich people trying to give their homes away? Perhaps, as Bob Dylan so accurately sang all those years ago, you don’t need a weather-man to tell which way the wind blows… 😉

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