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  • Daniel

    Hmm. I like the exterior for the most part. Same goes for the interior, although some rooms really need some help. Thankfully the furniture doesn’t come with the house. It’s kind of odd that out of the 29 available pictures, not one shows the kitchen. Can’t be that bad, can it? The only thing that really annoys me is the indoor pool…looks like ti was built in the 1970s. I’d destroy that structure and keep the pool open.

    • NOVA Ben

      The avoidance of kitchen pictures is infuriatingly common…I seem to remember bitching about that on at least 3 posts in the past few months. Really irritating.

  • richvanc

    Oh…is that an indoor pool? I thought perhaps it was an indoor koi pond. Other than that, it’s too much of a Palace for my tastes. Nice grounds, nice price, and maybe they don’t need a kitchen. Maybe they get delivery. 😉

    • Mak

      Haha! I’m thinking the reflecting pool is a koi infestation.

  • Venom

    I like the outside, but I would love to take a wrecking ball to the inside.

  • Grrrowler

    I find this rather sad. The house is lovely on the outside, and still has a lot of grandeur. The inside is a travesty. It looks like the Romanovs threw up all over the interior. Instead of being allowed to age gracefully, this poor house has been turned into the residential version of Joan Rivers.

    • NOVA Ben

      oh snap! 🙂

  • NOVA Ben

    Agreed on the exterior and grounds…very grand and majestic. The phrase “time capsule” popped into my head concerning the interior. Unfortunately it looks to be a combination of dated-ness and bad taste. Most of the ceilings really need to calm down, and the furniture is…*ahem*…loud.

    The place is promising from outside but kind of hopeless inside. I don’t know where I’d start from a remodeling point of view. And what I assume is the “garden pavilion” mentioned in the listing is a really odd structure. It confuses me.

    The price seems low for the stature of the place, but I’m assuming Wenham MA is in the middle of nowhere?

  • mattc.

    Like it or not… must admit it is worthy to truly be called an estate.
    Unlike some of the McMansions on 1/2 acre lots that they try to market as such.
    This home has great bones and character.
    Some creative interior decorating would really make the place pop !

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  • Mak

    Whats really a darn shame is that the property and the approach to the house on the front is now crowded with much smaller homes. It looks as if the original lot was subdivided for sale. I think it rather destroys much of the grandeur of the property, and devalues the house a great deal. A damn shame if you ask me.

    The green house looks much neglected, and I bet that pool house leaks like a sieve. The interior design is severely out of date as well.

  • rob

    It really does have that estate feel to it. Too bad its time has passed. The area is no great shakes. Throw out all the furniture, repaint everything. What is that strange glass room where the couches and furniture are all crammed together. What could you possibly do in that room, except look at the person straight across from you and comment on how strange it is to be sitting in a crowded glass room? This grand dame is faded.

  • Barney

    ENTIRE THING has to be COMPLETELY redecorated, and a lot of the rooms, remodeled BACK to their originally elegant interiors. What the SHIThead owners have done to it should be a FELONY. Outside and grounds are truly and historically lovely…..EXCEPT for whatever that thing is by the pond….and the pool house design is ALL wrong for that house, definitely. And Mak is totally right about the original estate being butchered up & sold off……detracts terribly from the houses allure and grandeur. It’d cost BIG BUCKS to renovate the entire interior. And TRUST me….as a former high-end realtor……if the kitchen ISNT’ shown……..it’s a GOD AWFUL tragedy.

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