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  • Daniel

    Your typical Hamptons home from the exterior. Interior is very Jersey-ish in my opinion. Only room that looks halfway decent is the two-story living room. Everything else looks cheap. The worst part has to be the office-inspired ceilings in photos 8 and 9; I don’t care if that’s the basement or not, you do not put something that cheap into a home, especially in the Hamptons. Back yard is nice.

    • Mak

      I like the pool and the tennis court. I would agree with you on everything else, especially the ceiling tiles. This place needs a huge makeover, and I’m not even sure that would make it a 10M home.

  • Grrrowler

    I really like the Hamptons vernacular, usually. This is an exception to that. The outside of this house doesn’t work for me. The front is too squat looking, and the trees up against the right side of the house don’t help that. The interior is completely lackluster. It looks much more dated than it should for being only 10 years old. I thought the room in photo 6 was a living room, but there’s a bed in adjoining room; must be the master bedroom. That space isn’t bad but I don’t love the furniture. I agree with Daniel that the drop ceiling in pics 8 and 9 is incredibly tacky and cheap looking. Overall, I’d rather just tear it down and start from scratch with something much higher quality, and much more interesting.

    • Daniel

      Ha. I couldn’t even be bothered to look closely at the pictures. What we’re assuming is the master bedroom should be the living room in my opinion. Either way, a boring home.

  • NOVA Ben

    The outdoor areas are nice, and I actually like the master bedroom, with the two-sided fireplace and 2-story areas. Everything else is ho-hum, except for the suspended ceiling in the basement, which is, as everyone else said, inexcusable.

  • doug

    Really, of all the spectacular houses in the hamptons this one def does not belong on this site. The price has been way discounted originally was like 20 or so. This is an extremely prestigious street and no matter how ugly the house is, the location certaintly warrants 10 mil.

  • Venom

    It does not have a koi pond.
    I am not interested…. 🙂

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