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  • Daniel

    1) Looks like a lawyer’s office or chambers in a courthouse. Maybe if you added some floral arrangements it would be a little friendlier.

    2) Nice but those chairs are too bold.

    3) My favorite. Very formal yet it looks like the comfiest one.

    4) Gaudy and tacky.

  • Chance

    Don’t care for any of them. Of the four I would take #1 though.

  • Charlie

    My favorite is #2….It just looks fresher and less ‘expected’ than the others. #4 makes me nauseous with the chair cushions seeming to match the rug. But if it were my home, I’d lean towards #1. I think the angle of the pic makes the room seem more rigid than it may be.

  • BB


  • Joy

    None of these rooms speak to me. Architecturally # 1 is most appealing (furniture is wrong), and #4 most appalling. Hey you should make that one of your segments “most appealing or appalling”!!!!

  • Al Robinson

    Joke: These days no one eats in dining rooms. 😉

    I think 3 and 4 are horrifying. I like (and the only one I do like) room number 1.

    • Al Robinson

      Okay, so after looking at them again and again, I decided I like room number 2 as well. It just takes a little while to get used to.

  • Marcus

    I will go with #1.

  • Venom

    None of them.
    I think they are all terrible.

  • Grrrowler

    None of them look like rooms I’d want to linger in over dinner. If the ceiling in #1 were lower, making the room more human scaled, it would be OK.

  • Hugh

    #2 is the most traditional for me. I would only change the chair colors.
    Its luxurious but not overdone.

  • CincyRob

    Number four FOR THE WIN!!!

  • Mak

    I like the scale of #4. Its intimate without being stuffy. I also think it needs some additional art on the walls, especially above the fireplace. In fact, I think the room is staged for selling the house. There’s no decorative art in the room.

    Gold is a beautiful color for a dining room at night, as it makes everyone glow with a healthy color.

    The other ones:
    #1. The room is too tall, which makes having conversation with the other end of the table incredibly difficult. You would have to yell to be heard.
    #2 Interesting design, but the chair fabric is too strong for me. Those colors can make people look washed out.
    # 3 is beautiful, but I’m not a fan of the columns.

  • richvanc

    #1 reminds me of my old Boarding-School, and all the others? *pffft*

  • coffee

    i would like #4 and #5.

  • Andrew

    Dining room 1, it has vaulted ceilings and a nice fireplace with overmantle. Plus the color and wood make it seem liveable (not to fancy) or bright colors

  • Tyler

    House #3 recently had a major price drop, it know on the market for $55 million.

  • Tyler

    now not know

  • John Burgdorf (North Texas Luxury)

    No question – #1!

  • organbrett

    Al – I eat in my formal dining room every day! Since I don’t have a breakfast room – it’s either eat breakfast at my desk or in the dining room.

    I think I prefer #3. I wish the pilasters were a different color – that shade of marble is hard to swallow & design an interior around. I also like #4 a lot. I’m not sure about the cushions & rug (they look like they were trying to emulate a Monet painting) but I like the gold.

    2 things which I must have in a formal dining room: Access to the outside for smokers & a fireplace (just makes a winter evening so cosy). All 4 of these basically have this except #2 – does anyone know if Champ d’Or has a f/p in the d/r? Those chairs look comfy, but the green & pink combo is too weird for me!

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