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  • Chance

    Number 2 or 3.

  • Hugh

    Number 3

    I like it as its plain and modern.
    It would also be the most easily convertible to a theater or bedroom if required.

  • Charlie

    I don’t like # 4 because games rooms should be in the basement and photo # 4 doesn’t have the right ceiling for a basement. I think I like # 1 the best.

  • LimoTony

    The 2nd one. Nice and big and plenty of games.

  • Tay

    #2, dark like an arcade should be.

  • Venom

    Once again, none of them are great, with number one being just terrible.

    Billiard tables and the game of billiards is classy and that should be the only thing in the room that it is in. I think it is tacky to have a billiard table next to an air hockey table or arcade games.
    Personally I think arcade games in a house are tacky period.

    • Mak

      I agree with you about the tackiness aspect, Venom.

      Besides, much of the fun of arcade games is seeing if you can beat the high score, and if there are only a few people playing the game, the high score will always be low.

      I prefer a classic pool table, and perhaps a six sided poker table, but that’s it.

    • organbrett

      I was going to write a post and then I read Venom’s. It states EXACTLY what I was going to write. Tacky, Tacky, Tacky!!

  • Daniel

    #1 for me. I agree an arcade room is a little pointless, but if you have little kids it must be great.

  • CincyRob

    Three is the best with overall variety of games but two is lit the best.

  • Chavo

    #2. Like the old arcades of yore. Check out that carpet!!!

  • Al Robinson

    I like #4 the best. It’s the only one that looks like a pub. I like that “bar” like quality to it. Plus, I kind of like the wooden ceiling.

  • Dave Johnson

    I guess “different strokes for different folks” comes into play here. I personally get tired of seeing 10,000+ square foot homes with nothing more than a bunch of rooms that will never get used.

    I dream of the day that I can put an arcade in my own personal home. Not everyone that lives in one of these big homes is in their 60s with the kids all out of the house. I would love to have a fun game room that has something for all different ages, including arcade games.

    Where I live in Utah we’re just barely getting rid of the snow. After not being able to go outside and play at a park for 6 months you get cabin fever. Having a nice game room would definitely make the winter more bearable.

    With that said, I’ll take #2. It looks like it was actually built to house arcade games. All of the other ones seem like they games were just randomly thrown in there.

  • Grrrowler

    As has been stated, game rooms seem tacky, at least to me. A nicely done billiard room is good, but not a home bowling/arcade/pinball/video poker room. Plus, don’t people get bored with the same games over and over? I had friends growing up who had a few pinball machines in their own game rooms, and they never played them; they were bored with them after a year or less.

    That said, I’d have to choose none of these rooms, with #4 having the most potential to be turned into a proper billiards room or pub space. #1 looks like a low-end casino one would expect to find in Laughlin, NV. The only thing missing is Delores Delago belting out a tune on a side-stage.

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