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  • Daniel

    Exterior reminds me of a private day school in the northeast. Interior has a lot of wood, almost too much in some instances. Doesn’t look too bad for 1989. Kitchen is ugly. Pool looks a little green. The staircase looks very intimidating and too steep. I guess if someone likes the area it is a nice place.

  • rob

    The interior looks like an upscale old folks home. I like the exterior and the price is right. There is nothing wrong with this place that a good decorator couldn’t fix. It looks like it is in a good location up in the lake country but couldn’t bing it .

    • NOVA Ben

      Try binging it with Mound instead of Minnetrista

  • Mak

    4 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms! 14! You would need a full time housekeeper just to keep them clean!

    I like the house though. Looks quite liveable for 22k sq. ft.

  • richvanc

    I like this house; seems it should have more bedrooms for the size, and 14 bathrooms? Very odd. Place this size WOULD need full-time staff, house-keeping, kitchen etc., The price sounds very reasonable. I hope there is an elevator. If not I’d install one! Too many stairs to trudge up and down. Again, though, only 4 bedrooms? STRANGE!!! 😉

  • Hugh

    Whenever i see over 20000sq ft i get exited. But was a little disappointed with the dated interior. it wouldn’t need much though to make it perfect.

    The exterior is great. And so is the price.

    As for the 4 bedrooms, i’m guessing each bedroom suite has a living room or study, which would be easily convertible into a second bedroom.

  • Hugh

    On second viewing of the pictures i like pretty much all the rooms except the foyer.

  • Grrrowler

    I only had time at work to look at the thumbnails before I had to move on. I thought: “This place looks good.” Then this evening I looked closer at the pics, and wasn’t as thrilled. I really like the front facade, although the third floor dormers are too low. The interior is hit or miss. Some rooms are good (the dining room, the library) while others need some help (the kitchen, the master bedroom). There are definitely possibilities based on the sizes of the rooms. The living room is OK, but it’s deathly dull, and looks like it would be cold in the winter I like the multi-level terrace at the back of the house, and I like the lakefront location.

  • Venom

    Pretty sure it is a Scholz design.
    Very similar to my house albeit much larger.
    This needs some minor updating but it is not bad.

    Nice house, good price.

  • Charlie

    Why does one house need so many bathrooms? Isn’t there a more interesting way to waste your money?

  • sbaile

    This home is a STEAL at this price!! It does require a full-time housekeeper and has 2 2bd/2ba “apartments” attached. It has several different kitchens, not just the one (a gourmet kitchen, country kitchen, ice cream kitchen). As for the 14 bathrooms most are seperate his/hers.

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