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  • Stormlady

    If I had 20 million to spend on a home I might actually consider this one. Not 100% my taste, but has some really nice features.

  • Daniel

    Outside ain’t bad. I actually like it. Inside it’s confused if it wants to be rustic or overly opulent. The foyer looks terrible and dark. Dining room is very nice. Family room is nice but the three TV’s is a little much (and why is there a table in between the two opposite facing sofas?). Love the floors in photo 7 and the height/details in photo 9. Pool is nice.

    So $20 million, huh? Where is Poway again?

    • NOVA Ben

      ha, I had to Wikipedia that town name…$20 million starts to make a little more sense if you refer to it as “a suburb of San Diego”

  • Nalin

    THIS is what I’m talking about. this house seems to be a solid package.

    • Nalin

      especially the pool. wow

  • John L.

    Yep. Really like this one. It’s not perfect, but it’s really quite nice overall.

  • Venom

    Without even reading all the way down I guessed it was $20 million for this house and I was right.

    I love it, it is near perfect.

  • organbrett

    How do you access those books in Picture #9?

    • Brian

      You don’t. They’re purely decorative.

  • richvanc

    Okay, it’s GORGEOUS … but I’d be happy living in the “guest house”! Can you imagine how many people you’d have to have on PAYROLL just to run this palace? I think some people have WAAAAAAY too much money 😉

    • Kyle

      The funny thing is that 18,629 sq ft at $20 million isn’t even really all that special in the world of grande homes 😀

    • Venom

      I know, earlier I started calculating the amount of staff you would need just to keep this place up and running and cleaned.
      It started to give me a headache. lol

      • Barney

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYMEN! If I could afford TWO OF ‘EM, I would never want a house that huge. As usual, it’s inarguable & uselessly huge & wasteful. I’d MUCH rather have A TON of beautiful, forested land for whatever 15 mil would by me, and live (VERY happily) in a 5 million dollar house.

  • NOVA Ben

    I was prepared to dislike this place when I saw it was in California and had a high price tag, but I really don’t see much here I DON’T like. I’m extremely impressed with 95% of this home. The front exterior looked a little bland in the first shot on the listing website, but overall it’s nice-looking outside.

    Inside I think that the design and decorating strikes a good balance between grand and understated (which is proof that those are not mutually exclusive terms). The foyer is a little dark, like Daniel said, but I think it’s also refreshingly simple and straightforward while still being impressive (I also wonder if that picture was taken at dusk like some of the other photos). The kitchen, while full of very dark woods, is pleasing to me, as is the landscaping and design of the pool area(s). Some of those statues outside are a little cheesy, but I really really like this place overall. Well done.

  • Jon

    Love the house, the pool is awesome but i agree that the foyer is a little dark.

  • Grrrowler

    The furnishings are not the least bit inspired, but the house itself looks quite nice. Most of it is way too grand for my style, but there is some beautiful detailing and the scale of most of the rooms looks decent.

    But Poway…? POWAY?! I’ve been there, and I wouldn’t pay $20,000,000 to live in Poway. If this place were in Rancho Santa Fe, it would be a definite winner.

  • Oliver

    WOW. This house is amazing. Furnishings aren’t bad, but the actual structure is truly beautiful. I really like this place but I’m not sure on the location.

  • Stewie

    Truly a beautiful place

  • Judie

    My questions follow:
    – Does the furniture convey?
    – Has the house been occupied? If so, why is the owner selling it?
    – How far is the house from shopping; e.g., grocery shopping?
    – What amenities does the town have? Does one have to go to San Diego
    for cultural events?
    – How far is the house from other residences? Miles?
    – In a town this small,

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