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  • FindYourWray

    Just a little FYI on this property…

    This estate is owned by Stephen & Tomisue Hilbert. Vanquished former CEO of Conseco Insurance (see his Carmel, IN home on this site also). He did some fancy paperwork magic and got it ‘transfered’ so Conseco couldn’t take it from them. It has been an embattled item in the settlement between him and Conseco for what he owes back the company.

    This property has hosted numerous celebrities and big name business CEO’s, owners, executives. It is a very private and very posh property. The 18,000 sq. ft. home has rented for $90,000 a week which includes: eleven housekeepers, four gardeners and a gourmet chef.

  • Daniel

    Honestly, I think the house is a tear-down. I don’t see someone paying nearly $30 million to live in that house, regardless of the location. I’d bulldoze everything except the pool and start from scratch. Stunningly beautiful location but the price seems extremely inflated.

    • Venom

      Pool and tennis court.

      I love the location, but the price nearly gave me a heart attack.
      Still if I had that type of money I would be tempted.

  • richvanc

    You said it Dan… definitely a tear-down (and crush, and sweep) lots one could do with that location…IMHO 😉

  • NOVA Ben

    I didn’t have any huge problems with the interior, even though it’s not my style, but the facade is horribly plain…doesn’t look like a $2.9 million house, let alone a $29 million one. The pool, however, is rather nice, as both Daniel and Venom have already opined.

  • Oliver

    well i think it goes without saying that the front facade of this home is extremely bland and unimaginative, especially for$30M. With that said the interior is not horrible and the views are phenomenal! still.. id most likely do as everyone else has already talked about and tear it down to build a home more suited to make the most of that location.

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