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  • Daniel

    Stunning property. Actually, I see this one going for near its asking price. 4+ acres with ocean frontage in the Estates section of Palm Beach = impossible to find. Judging from the couple pictures provided, it seems the house will be nothing short of spectacular. SOOO much nicer than the $47.5 million house next door that is for sale (101elbravo.com), and a much better deal considering the land you are getting.

  • Venom

    I agree, I think it will get near it’s asking price, although I will not be surprised if it is torn down.

    • Daniel

      Pretty unlikely considering that both are landmarked and both are done by prominent architects (Both meaning main and guest house). Subdivided maybe, but torn down completely probably not…at least I hope not :/

      • NOVA Ben

        The scale and feel of the property makes me sincerely hope they don’t subdivide. It’s nice when there are properties like this that actually sit on a respectable piece of land.

  • Hugh

    It is amazing. What a great family compound.
    Shame the road runs between the ocean. Not absolute waterfront.

  • NOVA Ben

    Well this is quite the shanty 😉 love the landscaping and grounds, just wish I could see the inside too. A dollar figure that far north is always mindboggling to me, but I can see the logic in thinking it may just bring close to that when it sells.

  • Marcus

    Last time I looked – 74 Million was more than 59 Million so it is not the highest priced home in Palm Beach that would be the French Chateau at 1220 South Ocean.

  • Grrrowler

    It does look amazing. An Addison Mizner house on 4 oceanfront acres doesn’t come on the market every day. I would love to see interior shots. I’m not sure about the price, but we’ll see. For onlly $9,000,000 more (and what’s $9 million when talking about an almost $60 million house?) I’d prefer to have Casa Nana. This place could definitely use a tunnel to the beach. That said, the grounds are spectacular.

  • Barney

    Breathtakingly beautiful as it is, it is also infinitely MORE breathtaking that THAT PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE DIRECT OCEANFRONT ACCESS.

    Stark-raving-drooling-raging-psychotic-red-handed-broad-daylight-highway-robbery-clinical INSANITY to me.

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