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  • Hugh

    I really like this place. Its easy for this style of home to look ugly because of the roof, but they did the rood here well.

    The interior is bright and airy, my only issue is the foyer tiles. I don’t like the pattern, texture and color. I would lay some wood similar to the dining room floor.

  • Bryan in CLT

    2 car garage for a 20,000sqft mansion? I hope they left a digit off where this is actually 12 car or even 20 car.

    • Kenny Forder

      The house above it is 20,000 square feet, not this one.

  • Daniel

    I guess it’s neat as a time-capsule house, but it really isn’t for me. I could picture Jackie Kennedy meeting up with a friend for tea at this place.

    • NOVA Ben

      The high-end areas of Washington DC have a much different feel than the high-end areas of other cities, and my personal theory on this is that the wealthy parts of DC are largely devoid of the corporate CEOs, actors, entertainers and athletes that are so prevalent in places like Atlanta or NYC or LA, so the general style and feel of the expensive real estate reflects the difference in personality. Really the top-bracket real estate in DC doesn’t compare to those places, it’s much more extensive elsewhere, but homes like this one lend themselves much better to top-level government officials who do indeed have homes that suit their financial earnings, but remain less flashy and more socially acceptable. I agree on being able to picture Jackie meeting someone for tea, and I think that’s probably pretty close to the truth as far as the general feel of this place.

  • Nalin

    its a little too traditional for me, but this house is definitely in my dream location in dc

  • Grrrowler

    It’s so stuffy, even Sudafed can’t help it. I have no idea who owns it, but it screams older politician. The location is great, but it’s in desperate need of some youth injected into it.

    • NOVA Ben

      I’d be willing to bet you’re not far from the truth. I’d also be willing to bet that the qualities of the future purchaser will pretty much match the seller’s, and they’ll each be pretty happy with what they’ve sold/purchased. It’s not my taste at all, but it’ll suit whoever moves in just fine I expect.

  • NOVA Ben

    Well I pretty much expressed my opinion in the various responses to other people’s comments, but it always excites me when I find posts of real estate listings in my neck of the woods. I agree with the general consensus that this home is not for me personally, but you can tell it has some great history, and it’s not all bad. I do like the round library, it strikes me as very modern and airy, probably because of the white decor. The kitchen is nice too, if a little plain. Elsewhere it’s a little frumpy for me, so it’s definitely a pass. The price seems generally acceptable…it’s a decent amount of house, and the location is prime Washington DC…right where you want to be if DC is your thing…this place is almost spitting distance to the vice president’s home, and is right up against parkland, so it’s quite nice.

  • Oliver

    I like it. Especially the exterior and the outdoor patio area. Interior does need a little updating though.

  • Chris

    This would be the home I would want to occupy if I ever lived in DC. Its very amazing. Truly in love with it. All it needs is a Volvo S80 and some new decor and its perfect. It just might be my dream home.

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