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  • Benz

    Does not belong in West Virginia…looks like it belongs in Italy, with views overlooking the mountains, etc…Probably not going to sell for much since its in WV

  • Daniel

    I got excited because I only saw the title and the first four pictures…then I scrolled down :/

    West Virginia and Mediterranean do NOT go together. Ever.
    The home itself is ghastly in my opinion. Something about the exterior brickwork that makes it looks so cold. Looking closer at the pictures, I can’t help but be reminded of a concentration camp.

    No thanks, to say the least.

    • Benz

      I agree with you lol…what I have to disagree with you is that the home is ghastly here because it is out of place…lol…in Italy or somewhere in the Mediterranean…It would be a nice place

  • Grrrowler

    The distance shots of the outside make me think of a prison, especially pictures 2 and 4 above. I just read Daniel’s comment and clearly we’re thinking the same thing. The interior doesn’t do anything for me either. If this place were in Italy or along the Med, it still wouldn’t be a nice house.

  • Hugh

    It reminds me more of a school than a prison.

    I like the idea of a fallout shelter. But it probably isnt necessary in WV.

  • Venom

    I like it.
    Before I read the description, I thought it was a monastery in Europe, actually Italy to be precise.

  • NOVA Ben

    Henderson, WV
    NOVA Ben reporting for “Ghastly Homes Weekly”

    Cletus and Mary-Lou Hicks couldn’t believe their luck when they tuned in to channel 3 one quiet evening in the fall of 1989 to see if their numbers would get called on the lottery jackpot. Well, called they were, and thus began the couple’s dream of building their own “castle”. It was as if God had answered their prayers. Cletus had just been laid off his job at the poultry processing plant, and Mary-Lou, never one for good timing, had twin boys due in just four months. Faced with the prospect of being kicked out of their mobile home, the winning lottery ticket was just the saving grace they had hoped for. Cletus, ever the loving husband and future father, remembered his wife often commenting that she would love to visit Venice, and so he embarked on designing and building this “stunning” Mediterranean estate. Cletus wasn’t exactly sure what a Mediterranean estate really looked like, but he thought he could remember pictures of buildings in Italy from his fourth grade textbooks, the year before he dropped out of school. Armed only with this hazy vision, Cletus began design work on the home. Ironically, Cletus never knew that Mary-Lou had meant Venice, Louisiana all along, home of the first Waffle House restaurant. But, as they say, it’s the thought that counts, and as soon as their dream home was complete, the happy couple moved in with their twin boys, now a year old. Unfortunately, the Hicks never were very good at thinking ahead, and neither seemed to grasp the foolishness of using all but $1,200 of their lottery winnings on the construction of their home. It also turns out that, although their prices are indeed low, one cannot live off of Wal-Mart products on a tight budget forever, no matter how many coupons you clip. Faced with dwindling funds and a failing economy, the Hicks are forced to put their beloved home up for swift auction, and move in with Cletus’ parents who live not far from here. In the true American spirit, the Hicks’ loss will soon be some eager purchaser’s gain, as the home goes under the hammer on May 14th.

  • richvanc

    No, Daniel … not a concentration camp – it’s a FACTORY. 🙁

  • Mak

    My momma taught me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, then I should keep my god damn mouth shut.

    So I will.

  • Oliver

    I like the house but not the location.

  • richvanc

    Mak…you are so classy! Your comment is lovely! 😉

  • Dean

    Save for one person who declined comment (because she couldn’t think of something nice to say), I wonder how many of those folks were actually bidders at the auction?

    So…you don’t like the house? Fine…obviously somebody did. Perhaps if you DID have that kind of money things would be different (I can hear someone here saying, “Well, even if I DID have that kind of money I wouldn’t…”)

    Is it really any of your business who lives there and what they paid for it? NO…it is NOT.

    MY father taught me to mind my own business (in addition to, ‘if you can’t say something nice, keep your mouth shut.’)


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