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  • Daniel

    Exterior is nicer than the interior. Yet again, we have a confused interior. Who thought those 2nd floor balustrades in the dining room were a good idea? Why does the kitchen look like its from the 1970s? Why is the living room so underwhelming when the foyer is so overwhelming?

  • Grrrowler

    I don’t like anything about it. Awful awful awful. Get rid of some of the damn trees on the inside.

  • NOVA Ben

    The sliding doors in the living room are just awful…it looks like they picked them up at the clearance rack at Home Depot, same day they picked up the balustrades that Daniel mentioned. On second thought, why the hell is there a “second floor” of the dining room? Why would you display your china in an overlook ABOVE the damn room? The kitchen is profoundly bland, uninviting and cheap-looking, and NOTHING stands out about the remaining rooms. The nice-ish wood-beam ceilings here and there can’t even save them. And this thing has an asking price just shy of 8 figures? Wow.

  • Hugh

    The exterior and foyer were fantastic. The rest is problematic. Many of the ceiling decorations are cramping and distracting.

    The dining room is horrible. And the void is useless and a waste. The main living room should have been two level.

  • richvanc

    I can’t think of anything nice to say about this home *sniff*

  • Andrew

    I hate how southern california homes are so damn expensive just because there close to los angeles. this house is clearly not worth 10 million dollars. Location is all your paying for with this.

  • Alexander

    The house was shown to me by the broker just before it sold. It is amazing. Doesn’t photograph well. All those walls are FABRIC lined. The property flat and a view which is superb in Hidden hills. Love love love this house. Sad to see it go. Ron Wilson design – pity he died last year. His :Cher style” homes are going to be hard to replace.


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