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  • Daniel

    Cape Cod is probably one of my least favorite architectural styles, but this home has some nice elements. I like the living room and kitchen. Exterior looks like 5K sq ft, not 10K. Price seems high considering there isn’t a view.

  • Iemand

    Location is nothing special, exterior is little bit boring but the interior is very nice; I like every single room posted here.

  • Nick

    Not something truly spectacular: The exterior is ugly, while the interior isn’t something special that I haven’t seen anywhere else.However,I have to admit that some rooms seem nice, but it’s not enough if you check the asking price…

  • CMD

    This house is beautiful… Clearly the realtor doesn’t know what a cape cod is bc this house isn’t one… but its a nice home, very cozy and homey feeling. I feel the readers of this blog never say anything is nice, eerything is boring or horrible… Guess your studio apartments are so much nicer.

    • NOVA Ben

      You should take a closer look at the comment sections of these posts…there are plenty of positive comments. Rarely is everyone in agreement, but there are lots of positives. And while the negative usually does outweigh the positive, I’d point out that it’s easy to criticize these homes when: a) none of us could possibly afford them, b) they were built according to someone else’s dream, not ours, and c) people with this much money (hell, anyone building a house) sometimes have decor taste equally as baffling as the amount of money in their bank account. That doesn’t make it any less fun seeing all these different homes or any less interesting hearing others’ opinions.

    • NOVA Ben

      oh, and I completely agree that most of these realtors would do well to look in an architectural style glossary every once in a while; this is indeed not a cape cod.

  • OutspokenBobbie

    13.5 MY ASS!!! This House Is Wild Boring! You Can Get A MEGA Mansion In Bergen County For 13.5!!! Homes In Cali Be WAYYYYYYYYYY Overpriced Sometimes!!!

  • NOVA Ben

    well, it’s already been said that this is not a Cape Cod. They’d be better off throwing the “Colonial” label that’s criminally overused at it. I’d venture to bet that these realtors would more frequently correctly label a home’s architectural style if they covered their eyes and randomly picked it out of a hat.

    As for the home, I agree that the exterior is underwhelming and that the interior, while not offensive in any way, does not justify the price tag. I do like the kitchen a lot, and there looks like a decent amount of yard space for a home in LA, but other than that there’s little here that entices me, especially at this price.

  • richvanc

    Thanks, NOVA Ben, It’s unfortunate that normally INVISIBLE people come along and criticise our posts!!! We’re just having FUN, and we are not always negative, sometimes we disagree with each other, but we are generally positive folks.

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