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  • Jared

    I think it’s just another bland, L-shaped “mansion.” There is nothing interesting about it and there is nothing architecturally significant about it. Congratulations for drawing a long rectangle. You really deserve an award.

    • George

      In the norhteast, when a real estate agent uses the term “architecturally significant” they are really discribing a house that is out of step with the area. A pink elephant, a house that will never sell because it sticks out like a sore thumb.The idea is to do what everybody else is doing, but do it better. I say “keep it up James.”

    • Adam

      Wow. Spectacular James.

      Do not be discouraged by Jared’s unnecessarily bitchy opinion. Critique is the refuge of the lazy and untalented.

    • Chris

      I’m sure you’d want to live there if you got the chance though…

    • Venom

      As someone who has been through hundreds of very large homes, Jared is correct.
      James obviously has talent and I certainly cannot do what he does on the computer, but there is nothing spectaular about this home, it is just a very large version of what is out there right now, all over the place.

      True architecture comes from the minute details and the complications on an actual finished home.

      This is just a stretched out version of the millions of McMansions out there.
      It is not intruiging and vastly different like say The Portabello Mansion for example.
      The motor court area is very nice though.

  • Hugh

    Looks good. Looks much better than Alec Gore’s house in my opinion. Gore’s is one of my least favorite houses in Bev Park.

  • Caleb

    I love it!!! I think Jared is just jealous… 😛 I want to see floor plans!!! PLEASEEEEE

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    This is talented work – to my eyes as to those of most others here. Here’s to James’s future career as an architect! Keep those sketches coming. There’s many of us who enjoy them.

  • Jon

    Do you have a picture of the back?

  • Iemand

    You should do something with the left side (the garage and the huge wall). I never design this for a project as an architecture student but if I did, my teachers wouldn’t appreciate that. But this is positive critique.

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