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  • JD

    Cant wait to see the negative feedback from the locals on this one. To me it is simply amazing!

  • Daniel

    Considering I’m one of the locals, I actually REALLY like this place a lot. Jupiter is a little farther north than I would like, but the area is home to some expensive real estate (Admiral’s Cove, The Bear’s Club, Frenchman’s Creek, The Ritz-Carlton Club, etc…). The only trouble room I see as-is is the dining room – the blue faux finishing is too dark and kinda ugly. Also, the master bathroom is too feminine (maybe its “her” bathroom). I love the rear of the home.

    The REAL problem with this home is evident in B.E.V. The lot is an extreme pie shape, and the front of this home is squeezed and narrow. The driveway is big enough to hold 2, maybe 3 cars. But you do get a lot of water frontage. Price is optimistic in my opinion. I see this going for around $7-$8 million.

    If you like the neighborhood, check out Celine Dion’s former home in the community. It is listed for $13.995 million. Another beautiful home:

  • NOVA Ben

    I was pleasantly surprised with the interior on this one. Especially the great room and kitchen. Most of the other spaces are pretty tasteful and quite welcoming, although I’m with Daniel on his opinions of the dining room and master bath. I especially really like some of ceilings. The woodwork is very attractive to me, even on the ceiling of the outdoor terrace.

    I must say that the “box it came in” shape of many of these homes, while dictated entirely by the size and position of the lots, is really unappealing to me. I know it’s necessary because of these little “fingers” of land that houses are built on in this part of FL, but the resultant LOOOONG straight diagonal walls are really unattractive. It IS nice that this home has so much water frontage, but at the cost of space to the front of the home. Really not my style, but like I said, beautiful interior.

  • Al Robinson

    I am one of those people who doesn’t like it. Jupiter, FL is too ritzy for me, and this home is right at home there. If it looks too expensive, I’m not too fond of it.

    But, it I was into the ritzy homes, then this one is actually one of the nicer ones I’ve seen. It’s ritzy, but not overdone.

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