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  • Daniel

    1) Jupiter Island is a terrible bore. Nice homes and HUGE lots, but I almost feel asleep driving through the place.

    2) Crooked wood floors? No thanks.

    3) Not bad. Could be better. Price doesn’t seem crazy unrealistic.

    4) Epilepsy-inducing. That is all.

    • Daniel

      5) Love the house. Surprised it sold for that much.

      6) Not Palm Beach’s grandest house, but nice nonetheless. Price was very reasonable considering the location and size of the lot, in addition to the renovated John Volk house.

      7) Nice, but no way is it worth $42 million. I expect it to sell for less than half the original asking price. It just isn’t that special.

  • Hugh

    I love the Jupiter island property. It seems to have gone for4 a pretty good price.

    The wooden floors are great. Really different. They would fit well in a cabin style, but not in a larger formal home.

    The house in Russia is one of the best houses i’ve seen in Russia. That isn’t saying much.

  • Iemand

    Jennifer Aniston’s home looks goooood. I really like that one.

    And the mansion of the day looks good too (this one:

  • Grrrowler

    Russians designers have a lot to learn about ceiling design. There are some redeeming features in the Russian cottage, but the ceilings undo anything good. They’re way too complex and over-styled.

    I’m glad Iris Cantor finally solder her house. It’s a beautiful house and, even though it’s not my style, I can’t help but love a house with Rodin sculptures lying around on the coffee tables. I’m actually surprised she got $40 million for it though, mostly because of the (relatively) small size of the lot.

    Personally, I love Jennifer Aniston’s house. I’m normally not a fan of mid-century modern but the rehab on this place is superb. It’s stylish, comfortable, and masculine. I can’t see her getting anywhere near $42 million for it. If sale prices for houses in this price range hold true, it will eventually go for the low 30’s.

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