Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi Put California Compound On The Market For $60 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    Never gonna sell for anywhere near that amount. Looks like a disgusting house from the aerials. I guess she doesn’t want to walk in on a burglar again…

    • Barney

      Yet again, you use the word “disgusting”, from ONE AERIAL SHOT. Did Minuro Yamasaki or another world-famous modern architect beat you severely in one of their houses when you were a child or somethin’?

      Your mystifying hatred toward the contemporary genre is pretty astounding, Daniel.

      • Daniel

        No Barney, I just have an obvious dislike for cold white structures that resemble public buildings or storage units. And actually, I formed my opinion based on the various angles available on B.E.V. It looks like crap. And believe me Barney, you stupefy me sometimes with your hatred towards larger homes.

        • Barney

          O.k., I was going to continue to fire back at you, but in the interest of civility and real estate, I’ll instead was you something. “B.E.V.”….I Googled it to no avail. Care to share its address? An aerial photography site, I’m sure?

          • Barney

            I meant to say “I’ll ASK you something” !! DAMN super sensitive Ipad screen-keyboard.

          • Daniel

            BEV = Birds-Eye View.

            The place looks like a windowless prison. Ugly as sin. I’ll stick to my love for the Beverly Park/Palm Beach behemoths or other ostentatious showcases of “greed.” Or Guy Dreier, if I really wanted a contemporary home.

        • Kyle

          I agree. Although would be nice to see some interior shots to form a full opinion.

          I don’t know how anyone could call a guy like Minoru Yamaski an architect though. He’s the guy that designed the Pruit-Igoe housing project (which looked like a prison) or the World Trade Center (two very ugly skyscrapers).

          Good contemporary design would be something like that Portabello home IMO.

  • BB

    Why not just move to Beverly Park for 1/3 the price and be surrounded by the best homes in BH and great security.

  • Jared

    Because Ellen has class and doesn’t want one of those gaudy pieces of shit. She’ll move on to another projects for herself, I’m sure she’s in no rush to sell. She definitely doesn’t need the money hahah

    • BB

      Those “POS” done by Landry?? I think not. There are some AMAZING homes in there. If you want to see a POS, look at the picture above.

      • Barney

        ?!?!?!? See my response to Daniel above, BB. Your labeling this house from one aerial shot a “POS” is patently ABSURD.

  • j

    Looks nice to me!!! Looks like it has a huge basement. What is this homes address???

    • Al Robinson

      It’s next door to 1192 Cabrillo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

  • Stewie

    While it is a nice house, it’s outrageously overpriced. I’d say 30 mil absolute max. Could see it going somewhere in the high 20’s

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