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  • www.PriceyPads.com

    Kinda odd that in the rendering of the ‘parking lot’, it’s filled with older model VW’s??

    • Oliver

      hahaha i noticed that, kinda funny, its probably just what they had loaded in their rendering library.

  • Oliver

    replace the existing palace?? how many do they need? although this looks very impressive it just strikes me as unnecessary and a waste! and holy cow 2,000,000sf?!?!?!?

    also i beat Daniel!!! VICTORY! im enjoying this you see because it will never happen again..

    • Daniel

      Never ever will it ever happen again 😉

    • Kell ADG

      Correction: The main palace will be 160,000 M sq which would equal 1,722,225 Sq Ft. Total Sq ft of the entire complex comes in at 220,000 M sq which is 2,368,060. Construction cost will be $490Million U.S. However this price does not include interior fit and finish which will probably run well over $1.5Billion U.S. So were looking at a total project cost of over U.S $2 billion. The palace will be the private home of his royal highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, ruller of Abu Dhabi the man who rescued neighboring Dubai during their housing bubble, also the man for whom the worlds tallest building is named. He is said to be worth 30+ billion 2011. with oil prices up the last few weeks probally more like 40+Billion. If you guys go to you tube and watch the program “richest people of the middle east” you will see his cousin Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan aka “The Rainbow Sheikh”and his huge palace and car collection in the Abu Dhabi. Enjoy

  • j

    Speaking of homes owned by royals, the 85,000 sq feet home proposed by a saudi prince has been ruduced by 30,000 square feet due to neighbor complaints.


    • j


    • Chance

      That poor poor man, I hope he can get by on only 55,000 sq.ft.

  • Chance

    I knew this day would come! 2 things though. 1) It seems odd that it’s so close to the Emirates Palace, which is a public place. 2) Why not go ahead and add an extra million square feet so it’s the biggest home in the world 😀

  • Daniel G

    The people in Dubai don’t like the Flintstones – but the people of Abu Dhabi do!

  • Daniel

    I mean, what can you say about this place? It’ll probably be fantastic and all but come on…even *I* think this is asinine. Soooo many rooms are never going to be used. I would be extremely curious to see the garage though…I’m guessing a capacity of at least 500 is in order.

    • Chance

      “Opulence, I has it.”

      • Al Robinson

        No pain… No pain!!

  • rob

    Is this a government building or some kind of palace for the royal family. If it is going to house a legislature and president and courts then I can understand the size. It looks pretty nice out on that peninsula.

  • Venom

    This is both absolutely amazing and obscene at the same time.
    Every time you put in your $4 a gallon gas, take comfort in knowing that you helped build this.

  • NOVA Ben

    That’s a marvelous guest house, but can we have some pics of this palace you speak of? 😉

  • Grrrowler

    The physical manifestation of one man’s out-of-control ego.

  • George

    With a house that size you would have to implant lo-jacks in you children in fear of them becoming lost, in the house.

    • Chance

      Nah, you just need those “You Are Here” kiosk like at the mall 😀

      • George

        Good point

  • Al Robinson

    I’ve had fantasies about building a mega-mansion… 125,000 sq ft. This place makes mine feel tiny. (I know, I know… “That’s what she said”….)

    The 125,000 square feet would include all the amenities in one structure. I’m guessing his bathroom alone would be like 50,000 feet by itself.

    It amazes me that someone could even find a use for 2,000,000 sq ft.

    The pictures are absolutely amazing though. It looks GORGEOUS!!!

    • Al Robinson

      Okay, I meant to say “seem”, not “feel”. Just to clear that up. 🙂

  • Hugh

    As much as I am for free markets, and dream of the day when I can blow $100m on an LA behemoth, this palace is just excessive.

    Please spend the money on a smaller palace and some new schools!

  • Mak

    Isn’t there any common sense left in the world? Could someone tell me?

  • Stewie

    I love big homes but even I agree that this is garish and over the top. We’re not in the Middle Ages anymore, a palace of this magnitude is completely unneccessary.
    It’s truly crazy if you think about it, a mere 80 years ago these people were all illiterate beduins struggling to survive. They literally won the lottery, a lottery with a multi-billion dollar jackpot. So lucky.
    But what will happen to this palace when the oil starts to run out?

  • jay

    CORRECTION: This is Prince Akeem’s palace Ruler of Zamunda

  • richvanc

    I never thought I would see the day when anyone would beat Daniel to “post”. That is, in itself, amazing! Also, I think I’ve said it before, but many many people with enormous sums of money to spend, build homes that are inversely proportional to the size of their genitalia. I do not know why this should be true. But it just IS!!

  • Charlie

    Sheesh… could you imagine locking the place up before you leave.

    • Kell ADG

      lol there will probably be 1000 people working here just to maintain the place. I don’t think the will ever need to lock anything other than the front gate. lol

  • Al Robinson

    The thing that bothers me about it, is how close to the water it is. If it flooded in Abu Dhabi, it would flood this palace. I’m still trying to figure out the damage from when Villa Taj flooded, can you imagine if this place flooded?!?

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  • Evan

    I could actually find a use for a 2 million square foot home have a hole yacht marine indoors and a indoor football field. That’s actually useful but have a home that large without having something so massive in side it is a complete waste of space

  • Chris

    WTF? WOW!!!!! modern day Versailles anyone? I would love to be entertained by these people. Just imagine being welcomed by the sheikh as a visiting head of state. I dream of the day when I can spend $100million, and it would def be in this style, just not on this magnitude. This is just too much.

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