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  • Daniel

    Love it. However, hasn’t the Plaza experienced a lot of problems after the new owners took over? Something about rats in the rooms or similar to that?

    • Chance

      They prefer to be called New Yorkers, not rats….. 😀

  • Barney

    MIND-boggling! Almost FOURTEEN MILLION DOLLARS for what is NO MORE than the third (or at most, fourth) floor?!?! Look out the windows in the photos…..those are plain ole’ tree tops. The english language simply doesn’t have enough synonyms for the word insane. Incomprehensibly overpriced and SMALL for such a pitifully low floor, no matter what the renovation costs & features.

    • Doug

      Actually the lower floors in the Plaza are in fact the more desirable ones, when the Plaza was built elevators were still not very reliable, hence the rooms on the lower floors had the higher ceilings and larger windows. The hotels largest and nicest suites were historically on these lower floors. And since this seems small and overpriced you are clearly not familiar with Plaza real estate. A quick glance at the recorded sales on streeteasy will show that several 2 bedroom units with the same size kitchens, living rooms etc. have recently sold in the $10-12m. Also This unit is by no means “Incomprehensibly overpriced” and by NYC standards is NOT small. And this is definitely not a “pitifully” low floor, the state suite on the 3rd floor sold for nearly $30m and a 12th floor unit sold last year for the years record of $48mil. For NYC this unit is by no means overpriced, or small.

  • Hugh

    Nice apartment. Shame it hasn’t got one more room so you could have another living room.

  • NOVA Ben

    Well, NYC apartment living is near the bottom of my list of real estate interests, so I by no means am a good person to comment on the desirability or “goodness” of this one….but here goes anyway. The inside is pleasing in a very generic way. There’s nothing offensive here, but there’s also nothing special. $14 million, while certainly not out of line for real estate in this building at this location, is still an unfathomable amount of money for what you’re getting. Of course this is me speaking, not a high-power executive or big-shot lawyer based in NYC who values the convenience and social cachet of this location. Compared to similar sales I suppose it’s reasonable, but as for me personally, it will always be slightly beyond belief to me.

    also, (and I realize that space is at a premium in apartments like this) I would find it a little hard to take to not get a walk-in closet in the master in an apartment that just cost me $14 mil. Just a thought.

  • j

    This place at the Plaza is for sale for $37 million and it amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • rob

      ooo la la. that is nice

  • Venom

    MEH, it is a big rectangle in a building with other big rectangles in a city full of rectangles in other buildings where if you want to step on grass you have to comingle with millions of other people whether you like them or not.

    The only reason these bland rectangles cost so much is because of the financial markets in NYC that allow you to make vast amounts of money ripping off and stealing other people’s money.

    Then on top of the privilege of living in your bland rectangle, you get to pay obscene monthly maintenace fees.

    • Iemand

      So I guess your next move is to New York? 😛

  • richvanc

    Thankfully, I don’t NEED to live in New York, so I’m not interested in paying SILLY amounts of MONEY for an APPARTMENT!!! (phew*) 😉

  • Marcus

    Where do the owers eat? There is no dinning room or even a dinning table in the living room and the kitchen is small and closed off from the rest of the apartment. The owers may eat out most of the time but I would not pay 14 Million for a place I could not even eat in.

  • Critic

    The intersection of CPS and Fifth Ave is a nightmare. I wouldn’t want to live here, regardless of the price.

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