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  • Daniel

    Eh. Ok, $70 million was still somewhat realistic [here comes the angry mob wielding torches and axes], but this new price is a little crazy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful home, but it isn’t THAT beautiful. $100 million? I really think that’s a number reserved only for the GREATEST homes in this country. While this home is great, it is far from the greatest.

  • George

    I would bet on the 50 mil price from the title co as being closer to the truth.

  • Sooo Klassy

    Ewww..gross looks like they plotted this house on some sort of deserted field. Utterly disgusting landscaping. Don’t even know how they could unload this home for that kind of price!

    It looks like they traded 20 family generations worth of money for an estate with a cheesy “European-Inspired” shopping mall or a “Towncenter Lifestyle with Gold Clad Amenities!” feel to it.

    Can’t say I’d really blame them though. If I was that god awfully, disgustingly rich, theirs nothing more I’d like to do than wash myself in the driveway fountain with a few thousand bottles of Crystal. But, really, maybe I should take my career path more seriously.

    • Doug

      Note that the birds eye view of this house was taken while it was still under construction, hence the lack of suitable landscaping. More recent aerial views (not the birds eye view) show much more landscaping has been added since the homes completion.

  • Barney

    NOT ONLY can I NOT “roll” with this certifiable NUCLEAR POWERED INSANITY, I cannot run, trot, jog, skip, walk, hop, shuffle, strut, or even LIMP.

    I cannot even SIT PERFECTLY STILL and try to maintain a healthy heart rate, blood pressure or even my equilibrium when realizing that ANY human being on EARTH would spend MORE than the gdp of a number of small, third-world countries on ONE HOUSE, NO MATTER how much they’re worth.

    They’re coming to take you away, ha ha, ho ho, hee hee, hoo hoo……….!!!
    The nice white men in the nice white coats!!!

  • Grrrowler

    $70 million was too much for the house, and $100 million is too much plus $30 million. If the $100 million rumor is true, I would much rather have 5 amazing $20 million houses around the world than this one. It’s odd how the price keeps going up. I’m wondering if the price is a way for Yuri to look good in the eyes of other billionaires.

  • Kyle

    AAAAAAHHHHH!!! WTF WTF WTF WTF! $100 million for THAT!? – this place I consider to be of FAR greater quality, and it “only” costs $40-something million.

    • Doug

      actually it costs $68.5 million

      • Kyle

        If you go under “Publications” and click on the Los Angelos Business journal article, it says that “real estate experts peg it at $40 million.” This was while it was being constructed however. Maybe it cost $40 million to construct? IMO, even if it cost $68.5 million, it is still justified I think.

    • organbrett

      Kyle, thank you for the link to this site. I’ve seen other photos in this set – but there were pics I’ve never seen before. I’m really digging the powder room pedastal with the mermaids holding it up. I’m not too crazy about the sink . . .

      Now back on topic. I love the Los Altos home but not more than $40 million! At least with the Beverly Hills home – you can see where the money went. All those architectural moldings by J.P. Weaver, etc. I wasn’t pleased with this home when initial photos were shown but now that it’s finished – Wow! I still think the green in the library isn’t correct until seen under dimmed lights. The video Kenny posted awhile back shows that as well as the fantastic kitchen. I think I counted about 6 sinks!!!! Doug is right about the price.

  • Mak

    Kenny…I don’t care what he paid. Please find some nice houses for us to look at rather than posting updates on this.

    • Chance

      He does do that, it’s not like he’s going to find new homes to post about everyday. This is a real estate blog, and if this place actually sold for $100 million that’s big real estate news.

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    While I am not convinced that this home – and it looks nice if not exquisitely beautiful to MY eye – is worth $ 100 million or some fraction of that amount, someone who is a lot wealthier than I will ever be has decided that it is worth that much. My hat’s off to Mr Milner – obviously, he has put his money where his heart is, in a house that he will spend time in when he visits Northern California. If this sale inspires more sales of big houses in the USA, many of the homes that all of us who love houses worry might get torn down might end up being bought and cared for instead – a good thing, to say the least! Thanks, Kenny, for keeping an eye on this. Hopefully, this will inspire a lot more large mansions and give all visitors here much more to enjoy and discuss even if the discussions turn into arguments sometimes. 🙂

  • GT

    Do not believe everything you read. The Russians billionaire may be rich from stealing but not stupid. It takes a lot of brain to steal several billions before the age of 45 in a country like Russia. Somebody else awhile ago posted a castle-mansion that supossedly belongs to Putin and had a price of $1B. What are these people really drinking…or what planet they live – to write this BS?

  • rob

    I think he may have paid that as a form of money laundering. Russian billionaires are in a pretty precarious position and if they anger Putin they can find all of their assets seized and themselves in jail. Better to move significant assets out of the country while they can.

  • Oliver

    Beautiful home, way too large for my tastes however.. $50mil sounds alot better than $100mil.

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