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  • Nalin

    Now that’s a house, and one heck of a garage

  • Daniel

    Wow! A home that is actually realistically priced! Go figure…

    I love the exterior. Gorgeous in every respect. The interior however is mostly disappointing. Everything just disappears because of the entirely beige color scheme…even the wood is beige! The foyer and staircase is beautiful, and would be 10X better if the wood wasn’t the color it is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a staircase with that sort of orientation. Everything else is just a bore. The den could not be plainer (photo 5). The family room is nice but oh my god everything is the same color. The kitchen is the same color as everything else. The best room has to be photo 6; is this the living room?

    If the wood was stained a different color, the window treatments were different, and the furniture was different, then you have a very nice home.

    • Orlando

      I think the gameroom seeing theres a pool table

      • Daniel

        I saw it too. But the staircase seems too formal to empty into a secondary room, doesn’t it (Even though it isn’t the main staircase)? Either way, it’s the best room in the house IMO. If it is a club/game room, then that makes photo 5 the living room. Very unimpressive.

    • Kenny Forder

      It’s the “two-level office/library”

    • Barney

      Agreed that the exterior is lovely, no doubt, and just a little less so on the interior……..I agree with you completely about too much beige. Although, maybe the present owners were VERY smart and purposely painted/placed all that beige in as many room as they did in order to help it sell? Would be very clever of them if that was the case. But overall, the house is quite lovely and comfortable looking to me. However, the foyer & staircase are GORGEOUS as is….all that beautiful wood, and the shade it is is perfect for that room…and the stair configuration is truly exquisite and glamorous….and a delightful twist on the standard, double configuration, for sure.
      As usual, the house would be waaaay too big & expensive for me to live in, but it is beautiful, and completely relate-able to me, as far as a REAL home to live in.

  • Lisa

    I honestly could not ever see myself living in a house like this. It has the feel of a museum or a library and it’s just plain too big. It doesn’t feel homey. Guess I am a just not one of those Housewives of Beverly Hills women. While there are a few homes that I come across on this site that I fall in love with many of them are just plain too much and I’m not talking about money, though there is that too.

  • Lane

    I really like this home and that garage is awesome.

  • Venom

    If you need me, I will be in the garage 🙂

    • Stewie

      lol! great comment!

  • rob

    I really like the entryway and the foyer. They are nicely balanced and very nice proportions. Great detailing throughout the house. I cannot figure out what that orange light is that runs around the living room and the theatre, but I do not like it. The house also seems really beigey. The backyard is quite small but has an excellen view. Overall a very nice house. Right size, realistically priced, and well executed. Would only change a few things.

  • Mak

    I think the beige really wipes out much what makes this house interesting. The coffered ceilings are lovely, but the color choice makes them disappear. Everything is so blah…so neutral…so boring…

    But…the house itself is delightful, and it could be stunning with some color…

  • NOVA Ben

    wow, like everyone else said, TOO MUCH BEIGE. Although, I must play devil’s advocate. Neutral colors help houses sell, and if you’re prepared to shell out $10 million on a house, another hundred grand or so to repaint most of it is NOT going to put you out too much, so in that sense all the beige isn’t that big a deal…look at it as a blank canvas on which to express yourself when you move in. Exterior design is pretty impressive, although looking at this neighborhood on bing maps, I see it’s one of those places that massive homes are shoe-horned onto tiny lots, piled one on top of the other…yuck. Nice views, but it’s still too packed in there for my taste. The actual design and layout of the interior (forgetting about the color for a second) is actually quite livable and for such a large home, it doesn’t feel too imposing in there, which is good. So basically, repaint and redesign a little bit, and then come back and see me.

  • richvanc

    Quite lovely…but crowded by its neighbors…still, the price is nice 😉

  • Oliver

    GIMME!! the exterior is breathtaking, the interior is gorgeous as well but like Daniel said there’s just a little too much beige. Maybe the pictures just dont do it justice but heck thats the least of my worries, color is an easy fix. I love the foyer and the main Y-shaped staircase. This is one gorgeous home and LOOK AT THAT GARAGE!! ahaha they even bought a mini Enzo for the chitlin. Thats def where id spend all my time. it just needs some tools, a seating area, a tv, and a few more imports 🙂

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