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  • Daniel

    Just ask yourself, does that quaint exterior really command a $10 million+ price? It doesn’t.

    • Stewie

      I like the exterior a lot tbh. Classically beautiful. Timeless and understated. It’s quite beautiful, I love that kind of style

      • Daniel

        Would you pay $10 million for it?

  • Iemand

    It’s not bad, really. But I don’t see 10 million either…

  • Nalin

    the 10 million is for the location, and believe me it might be worth it. Most houses in this area of DC aren’t very cheap at all.

  • Venom

    Almost $11 million for this?
    Yeah right.
    That would mean the lot is worth about $9 million or so and that sure is not so.
    I would rather be on a beach somewhere for that money.

  • Someone Special

    11mil for that?? hahahah what a joke!!

  • Nalin

    and don’t forget, the house is almost 12,000 sq ft haha (even though it looks like a cottage)

  • Oliver

    Wow, i love the exterior. Classic and beautifully done!! truly spectactular. interior is nothing too over the top but i really like it. i can see this being a nice family home. price is way more than id be willing to pay for it but i do love the curbside appeal.

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