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  • Daniel

    Oh my my my. While I would NEVER purchase something in Dubai, I do think they are starting to get some very beautiful homes in the area.

    I’ll start with the exterior: it stinks. Reminds me of a giant cookie-cutter home. Nice pool and at least it has a little bit of grass too!

    Interior: While it comes off as a little hotelish or corporate headquarters, I like it. I like the living room/foyer with the wood columns. The marble floors are nice as well, and I actually like some of the built-ins. The two bathrooms shown are horrible. Overall, it isn’t bad, but for the price I was hoping for a bit more detail. It is a competition between Russia and Dubai to see who can charge the more exorbitant prices for mediocrity.

  • Kieran

    I love the eastern window shades/detailing over the windows on the exterior. I wish it carried that character throughout the home. I dont mind the corporate/hotel feel in the foyer but not once it gets to the bedrooms and bathrooms. A lot of great styles here but it all comes off a bit dyslexic

  • BB

    I’d rather live in Antarctica than Dubai. NEXT!

  • Nick

    The exterior is not my style, but, surprisingly, I like some parts of the interior.

  • Venom

    I would not live in Dubai but damn that is a beautiful home.
    I really like it and it’s amenities.
    I have a friend that got married and lives over there, and my brother’s best friend’s sister has been living there for a few years now, maybe I should go there and check it out.
    The homes and the cars would be worth the trip.

  • Mak

    Hideous,cold, ugly, devoid of any personality.

  • Oliver

    exterior is meh… i like some of the elements but as a whole, no. The interior isnt bad.. i like parts of it, like the foyer even though its very confusing with everything popping out like that. Definitely feels hotelish/corporate, but i like it. id definitely tone it down and get rid of those damn marble floors. you want to make sure your house can never be a true home? put marble floors in it. not homey enough for me. i like the wood built ins. bathrooms suck. overall not toooo bad though i guess.

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