Billionaire Investor Yuri Milner Pays $70 Million For California Mega Mansion | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    I can honestly say it does not surprise me the home sold for the price it did. It is a stunning property. I’d say the house is nearly perfect, minus the idiotic location of the garage entrances. That staircase is stunning! While I don’t think I could ever pay that much and not have a view of the water, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay that much if the home was transported to an oceanfront lot in Palm Beach or The Hamptons.

  • erica

    wowwwww!!! That’s all I am going to say

  • Grrrowler

    It is a beautiful house, but it doesn’t look like a comfortable home. It’s definitely grand, and I love the foyer and the staircase. There are a couple of rooms in the pics that look like you could sink into a comfy chair, but even the bedrooms in the pics look very stiff and formal. The architecture is lovely, but I would want it decorated very differently.

  • Barney

    (Looks off into space, shaking his head, with scrambled brains that ANYone has money LIKE THAT to spend on A SECOND HOME)

    • Marie


  • Rob

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been featured on the site yet.


    • Nunya Business

      Agreed!! Emerald Cay is worth full price…I just wish someone rebuilt something like it on Thatch Cay.

  • Mike F

    I think it was designed by Mr. Hablinski himself, and what a beautiful example of elite residential design by one of the finest architects in America!

  • Stewie

    The house is amazing

  • Judith Shipstad

    Yuri, are you married??

  • tony

    very nine home in my life .got look me now make me winner mega i can pay back 80 million ok see soon

  • wowww2011

    what a dream come true

  • Nunya Business

    Considering the radiation from Fukashima now covering the west coast I am dumbfounded as to why someone would purchase a home in that area considering the risks. They must have a serious health insurance policy or a cure for cancer.

    • Daniel

      What flavor is the Kool-Aid today? Grape or cherry?

  • robert

    I like it alot. It has excellent proportions. The front facade looks warm and inviting and well proportioned and I like the formal look in the dining room and the living room. I like the warm feel of the library and the brown marble fireplace. I would like to see pictures of some more rooms. There have to be some rooms that are just family rooms that are less formal. I think it is well situated on the property for the security this guy probably needs since Russia is really just a mafia organization these days and these billionaires are the dons. I don’t think this guy worried too much about the price as it is a safe way to stash money overseas in case he says something that the capo de tuti capo, Putin, does not like.

  • luckfavoredyuri

    That land alone is worth tens of millions. Los Altos Hills is prime real estate, and the home value is a lot less than the land. Now that part of Los Altos Hills is prime, superprime. You hardly find homes that come on sale there, and one does, it is snapped up very quickly. Just across the street from La Paloma Road, another Russian bought his land a few years back, and that was Sergey Brin of google.

  • Oliver

    Wow. Beautiful estate!! price seems about right for how nice this house is. Man i wish i would afford a second house like THIS. soo nice, it’d definitely have to be toned down a little as far as how formal it is. absolutely stunning architecturally speaking and beatifully decorated!

  • Patrick

    A lot of people want to compare this to some other mansions in other regions. The Bay Area and Los Altos, in general have very inflated housing prices, even in the downturn. Obviously this guy has a ton of money and wanted to play with the big boys. This isn’t an old money town. The billionaires here are young innovators.

  • jeff

    i live only a few miles from this house and i can tell u that it is absolutely insane.

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  • laure

    So the number is official? 100 mil? Ken de Leon was the realtor from Keller Williams along with Marcus, a Sotheby realtor. It was listed discreetly, not on MLS..think of the commission…the realtors are millionaires as well. Spreading the wealth. I know the street well. It is one of the best streets in the hills, hardly any home comes on the market. If it does, it is snapped up fast. However, 100 million in this market? Wow! I wish I had bought a piece of that land three decades ago.

  • oreil

    Something always happens in the Silicon Valley. It is the hotbed of ideas. It pulls world talent. Democrats know CA is a blue state, and do not do anything to get its electoral votes. The repubs know it is no use, so both dems and repubs let the innovation slide out of the country. The US GDP used to be so high until GBush gave it the stepfatherly treatment. Loss for the country per se. Now even Brazil wants to be a superpower. Both R and Dems should pay attention to keeping jobs and ideas at home. See how the valley attracts world players, As Americans, what are we doing?

  • Chris

    so pretty, the staircase is to die for, however for this price, I would expect an ocean view

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