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  • Daniel

    Well this is an interesting home. I think the green roof is too overpowering. If it wasn’t so big, it would have looked nicer. The grounds are also very nice. Inside, the details look good. Kitchen looks nice as well.

    I would never live in Sweden, but this seems like a nice country house (by the sea). I wonder what the price is. I have absolutely no idea about the area, but I’ll take a guess and say it will go for about $12-$15 million dollars.

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    I am a big fan of Nordic Classical architecture and love this place. Haven’t been to Sweden in many years but it is a beautiful country with some amazing palaces and mansions and some very wealthy people as well. Thanks for this one, Kenny, different, classic and nice.

  • Al Robinson

    If you want to see it in Google Earth, it’s located at these coordinates:

    58°37’7.84″N 16°30’12.45″E.

    This place looks like a Presidential summer home or something like that. I don’t get the green and pink, but maybe those colors are more favorable in Sweden.

    Are those lions or something in the second picture??

    • NOVA Ben

      They look like large dogs…Rhodesian Ridgebacks perhaps (I’m a dog person). If you look at the kitchen picture you can see baby gates up in a couple of the doorways, so I suspect they’re dogs.

  • NOVA Ben

    Although the pink and green certainly isn’t for everyone, this listing is a breath of fresh air to me…very unique and bravely styled…the roof reminds me of the finish that copper takes on after it’s oxidized (although the texture is too even for this to be actual copper) and even the pink color of the exterior doesn’t bother me too much in this context…is it stucco? I love the castle motifs in the interior decor of the home, although the sheer size of those rooms prevents the home from feeling at all warm and cozy. The grounds are absolutely beautiful though. Overall, very impressive. Not my cup of tea overall, but as I said, a breath of fresh air.

  • brysonThoams

    I could live with the green roof… The pink is too much… The pool should probably be cleaned out..er is it a pond????

  • robert

    I have like this style and i like the colors. I have been interested in visiting Sweden recently. Why do European properties rarely list the price?

  • HH

    The Green is indeed meant to resemble oxidized copper which is what these roofs often where built with originally. Today it could be either copper or tin or some sort of alloy which have been treated to look like this. This type of roofing is the most carefree for our climate. The pink is somewhat rare for a house up here since they are normally white or yellow if large and red for smaller houses. The current owners paid ca 2,5 M$ and renovated it to this standard and are now expecting ca 8,5 M$. The owners are moving to spain.

  • Mike F

    Asking price approx SEK55 million according to a reporter in a newspaper. Not much money, properties in the countryside are usually not expensive.

  • Iemand

    It’s not my style but it looks fine though. The grounds looks good.

    The kitchen is really great. Looks better than most I’ve seen here.

  • Grrrowler

    I think it’s great. It’s not my style, but it’s a beautifully renovated historic house, and that I love. I’m curious to see what some of the other rooms look like. Those in the pics don’t look especially comfortable for kicking back and living in.

  • LE

    Beautiful…I could come home to that every day…even if it is in Sweden. Very stately looking, especially the back facing out towards the water. Thanks for sharing.

  • Travis

    The outside reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream, but i like it. The inside is beautiful too.

  • Barney

    NOW, you guys…hang on to your hats…………I LOVE this home! YES, you heard right………..Mr. Mid-Century Modern LOVES this home. Since this GORGEOUS home is architecturally PERFECTLY correct due to the fact that it is a hundreds of years old, it’s magnificent in my eyes. The exterior colors are PERFECT for Sweden & historically accurate, and the setting is breath taking. Makes A LOT of what’s considered the best here in the US look like trailer trash……….FIVE STARS.

  • max

    wow u americans never stop to suprise me. Sweden is one the richest places in the world,

    ni är så blåsta så man börjar skratta ,,,,

    • Venom

      What the hell are you talking about?
      No one said anything about Sweden’s wealth.
      Did you just feel like you needed to get that out there to make yourself feel somewhat superior or just to get attention?
      Well there you go, I am giving you attention. Happy?

  • Chris

    Kinda reminds me of the sound of music house!

  • Oliver

    BEAUTIFUL! I really like this home, the fact that its hundreds of years old and accurately renovated really do it for me. The exterior is breathtaking, the colors work really well here. The interior is a perfect mix of old and new, especially in the kitchen… the only thing that i ever have a problem with in ancient houses is the kitchens are all still stone age but this one is surprisingly nice. The fact that its on the water is great and i really like the grounds in the back, the pool area and steps leading to it are really neat. Pool def. needs to be cleaned before i spend millions on it though lol. Bottom line this is one old home i could definitely see myself coming home to everyday and actually raise a family in.

  • Simmons

    My mother grew up in this house, but as she was a woman and only child so it did not pass down to her, though some of the furniture and furnishings did. Paulina Bancroft was her grandmother.

    Simply an amazing place, where I visited when I was 2 (so 1971) when it was still in the family. My brothers and sister have memories of exploring the palace and grounds. Wish I did, too.


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