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  • Daniel

    They really are beautiful homes. A few comments though:

    -Home #1 and Home #3 really need more landscaping, especially around the front gates.

    -Home #3 is owned by David Roberts, who sells homes ONLY in Royal Palm.

    -Detailed exterior pics of Home #2: http://ktstoneworks.com/fp_view.php?id=61

    -Detailed exterior pics of Home #4: ktstoneworks.com/fp_view.php?id=59

    I also noticed that all have very similar interior design themes, almost as if you could take the furniture from one house and put it in another. Perhaps if I were building my home, I would make it a little more personal and unique. I have to stress though, NONE of these homes looks cheap by any means. Royal Palm is certainly one of South Florida’s most prestigious communities, and it is so family-friendly. The people are nice, the homes are gorgeously decorated around Christmas time, and you can really feel the old money, something which is becoming rare in Boca.

    And for more SRD homes, check out this link. They are Royal Palm’s most ubiquitous builders:


    • Chance

      As you know Daniel, I’m not the biggest fan of the homes that are prevalent in Florida. With that being said, for some reason I really like 443 Royal Palm Way, something about it speaks to me. I’d have to say besides 3 Indian Creek, this is my favorite home in Florida.

      • Daniel

        Ha. I’m sure there are A LOT more homes in Florida that would appeal to you. However, yes, the majority are Mediterranean, so after a while it can all look the same. And it’s funny how you like 443 Royal Palm; that is probably my least favorite out of the four. Maybe because it is different from the rest of them 😀

        • Chance

          Well if you have any you think I might like let me know. There is another one I like in Southwest Ranches called the Siena, though I know you’re not a big fan of that area. I’m not familiar with Florida very much but I like the house and the size of the property, nice and open.

  • Grrrowler

    I can’t say I’m a fan of any of them. They’re all nice looking enough, but that’s where it ends for me. I feel like we’ve seen the interiors of each house dozens of times already, and the exteriors don’t seem remarkable at all. I’m just very bored with the faux-Mediterranean houses with lots of white paint and marble tile inside. Of the four here I like the exterior of 443 Royal Palm because it is a little different (as has been pointed out), but given the choice of these four houses, I’d pick none of them.

  • Oliver

    They’re all sweet. i definitely wouldn’t want one that’s a mirror of another. i think number 4 is really gorgeous. there’s just something about it that i love. definitely my favorite of the 4.

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