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  • Daniel

    Oh jeez…is it really that hard to find a narrator that doesn’t cheapen a nearly $70 million home. The entire presentation came off as tacky, but I guess when you’re showing it nationwide to people who live in double wide trailers, you have to step down a notch.

    The home itself is very beautiful, and I like it more every time I see it. However, I don’t think you can couple the architecture with the furniture used. It comes off as overly formal. Tone it down a little. I agree it is great for entertaining, but the kind of entertaining where you need a butler for every attendee to make sure they don’t put down the champagne glass with a napkin or coaster. If only the home wasn’t on such a busy street.

  • Venom

    My god, the level of opulence and detail is astounding.
    A truly amazing house but virtually unlivable.
    I would be terrified to have anyone in that house for fear they would wreck anything.
    It must cost $10,000 a month just to have that place cleaned and maintained properly.
    Definitely no children can be allowed into that home unless they are caged or have shock collars on them.

    • Swimmer

      HAHA!!! JUST what I was thinking 🙂

  • Chris

    Now that it’s completed and furnished I like it A LOT better, before I thought it was way too opulent…

    • Mak

      hahaha…love the sarcasm!

      • Chris

        Lol, I wasn’t being sarcastic but thanks!

  • Kyle

    Nice, but YET AGAIN another gigantic home with rooms that are so large you can’t feel cozy! I love opulent homes that are livable, this home doesn’t seem livable at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the stone, the columns with gold-gilt capitals, the 24-karat gold fixtures, and so forth, but the home needs some smaller rooms to feel cozy. Of course, as they said, this is one of those homes for entertaining big-time as well, and for that I think it fits fine. Looks right up there with La Bel Vie and Susan Saperstein’s home.

    I think you can have great opulence and luxury while still having the home designed where you can come home and just plop down on the sofa in front of a television and eat the Chinese takeout 😀

    I guess though this is one of those variants of French architecture that is very grand, but also very formal.

  • Chance

    I was really expecting not to like this place because I’m not to into overt grandeur, but this isn’t bad.

  • Stewie

    Guys, I really love this home architecturally. The exterior is classically beautiful and timeless. And the interior is fantastic as well. I didn’t think they’d pull it off so well when I looked at it a few months back when it was still unfurnished – I am very impressed. Now if only this house wasn’t on busy Sunset but on a nice Beverly Hills side street, had a view and was hidden from the road this would be a winner for sure. As it is, it’s a beautiful piece of architecture, but not much else. The location right on a busy street and it’s lack of privacy really lets it down. I see this being another white elephant, lingering on the market for years

    • Mak

      I wonder if they were denied a protective wall by the city, because anyone who could afford this house would sure as heck not like every papparazzi in LA camped out in front full time.

      It needs a wall 12 ft high or more…and a large steel front gate.

  • Stewie

    Btw, does it remind anyone else of Merage’s home? The front is basically identical save for the color

  • Iemand


    …for a museum. I just can’t see myself living here (like Venom said). The details and architecture is amazing but it feels so much over the top.
    Just look at it when they’re walking in the foyer, that’s not a room to welcome you guests, it’s a entry for a museum or a big party.
    And gold fixtures are so last century…

    • Daniel

      I agree about the fixtures…platinum is in, not gold 😉

  • Sam

    wow, thanks for sharing this i always wanted to get a peek of this! and i dont know why everyones complaining about the interior, if this had a modern and minimalistic interior it wouldnt go with the style of the house, which as you can see from the outside is french / old world. the only two cons i can think of are…
    theres no pool? surely if your paying $70 million you’d expect a decent pool…
    secondly their going on about the generous size of the rear garden but for me it looks a little neglected compared to the front… i would suggest it was more paved with fountains, paths and a pool / pond area. still a worthy 9/10

    • Marcus

      Check out Jade Mills Web site. She has over 60 beautiful pictures of the Exterior and interiors. There is a nighttime picture of the pool and a daytime picture of the pool, both pool houses, and the tennis court.

      • Lonnie

        The pictures are simple amazing!!! The video tour doesn’t do this house justice.

        • Stewie

          Wow thanks Marcus, I second Lonnie. Amazing pictures. I LOVE this home architecturally! Why oh why did they have to build it on busy Sunset though!!??

  • KEV

    I think the old name for the house was loosely translated to the Palace of the Triumphant/Hearlded Lion, because couchant means to lie down on your stomach with your head up, like a lion surveying his domain. You see it on crests and old drawing, etc….The new name is obviously Palace of the Angels, I guess an ode to LA. It is definitely a palace, no expense spared, but Sunset being that close will be a problem. It’s also massively overbuilt in terms of spend money just to spend it with the gold fixtures and fairly vulgar displays of ostentatiousness. Considering that Le Belvedere went for 50-ish, they may as well lower the price to something more realistic, or rename this place Palais du éléphant blanc.

  • James

    This house is not my style in the least bit…but I’ve got to take my hat off to the architect and craftsmen that designed/built this thing. The amount of detail that went into this house is truly unbelievable! I’m amazed every time I look at it. But, I agree with pretty much everyone else, it’s not a livable house and I don’t see it selling anytime soon.

  • Kieran

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Oliver

    BEAUTIFUL!! excellent exterior and the interior is just gorgeous. perfectly done to match the style of the house. love that its an old house but completely integrated to be smart. Def needs a pool right in that open grassy space behind the house with a nice open covered seating area. Home is wonderfully done down to the smallest detail but like everyone said this home is completely unlivable and definitely no place to raise a family.. kudos to the architect and builders!

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