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  • Mak

    Wow. This home seems like its been there for ages. Beautiful execution. Wadia Associates are true artists.

  • Venom

    Just stately and beautiful.
    I love it.

  • Daniel

    ***FINALLY***, a home I would love to own as-is, where-is. It really is beautiful.

    I only have 3 gripes with the home:

    1) The living room should have been bigger.
    2) The kitchen seems awfully cramped, especially the breakfast area.
    3) Although it isn’t a demerit on the home, that bed in the master bedroom looks incredibly short.

    Other than that I love it. Maybe I would throw in some color here and there, but that is easily solved with bouquets of fresh flowers in the rooms.

    • Daniel

      I think the price is very good considering the size of the home, quality of the materials used, and the HUGE plot of land it is situated on. Gorgeous landscaping throughout. For those that want to look at it on StreetView or on the BEV, the home is located on North Street, 3 houses south of Reynwood Manor. Zillow has the house address listed as 772 North Street.

  • Tay

    Wow! This architectural firm is amazing! Look at their portfolio… And their client list too lol.

  • Sam

    This is the interior from my dream home! Although I like the exterior, I kinda wish it was more fresh, it doesnt look impressive on the outside, very misleading.

    • Oliver

      actually id say the exterior is very impressive and that the interior is the misleading part…

  • Swimmer

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this home. The exterior and the grounds are amazing!!! The interior is very fresh and exciting. I wouldn’t change much, although the kitchen is a little small.

  • organbrett

    The detail inside this home is amazing! From the outside it looks as if it has been there for many years. Kudos to the architectural firm.

  • Stewie

    Absolutely beautiful home!

  • Nick

    Astounding mansion from every aspect.The homey interior is just magnificent.

  • Iemand

    I’ve seen this one before.
    But I still like it though…

  • Kyle

    Nice home, but definitely not my style. That interior is way too cold and plain for my taste. I could never feel “at home” in a place like this. The exterior is very nice, albeit still not really my style, and the landscaping is very nice as well.

  • Oliver

    i absolutely LOVE the exterior of this home.. interior is nice but not right IMO. none of that wood inside should be painted or at least not all white. needs actual wood colors in there. very impressive though!!!

    • Oliver

      That front approach is so effing awesome!!

  • Kieran

    I love this house, love the old looking exterior, love the modern interior, just a little too much white, as close to ‘one of’ my tastes/styles I have seen in a longgggggg time!!

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