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  • Daniel

    I hate the home. Ugly ugly ugly! The shape of the living room ceiling is disgusting. The view is very beautiful, but does it command a $10 million+ price tag? I think not…

    • Marie

      So true and I live in Georgia and know exactly where Clayton is, it’s about 10 miles from where my parents are from, no way in heck they are going to get $10 million, I’d be shocked if they get a $1 million honestly, the real estate market here is in terrible shape even for upscale living.

  • Marcus

    I really like the style of the home, both the exterior and interior and it sets on a large point lot. Lake Rabun is about 1 1/2 hours north of Atlanta. This is a high price area with most new homes on Lake Rabun in the 2-5 million dollar range. This house is the highest priced home on the lake but it sets on a point lot that is 3 times the size of most Lake Rabun lots.

  • Al Robinson

    I like it. I think it was tastefully crafted, I like the hardwood floors with the brick fireplace, and I think you could make a nice home there. Plus, how could you not like those views of the lake?

  • Natasha

    iI love the house, I wish it were mine..but too bad it probably wont belong to anyone, with that pricetag…whewww 10 mil, in this economy…smh

  • Iemand

    I don’t know about the house but that view, incredible.
    My view is nothing compared with that… 🙁

  • Mak

    Much better pics here: http://juliebarnettrealtor.com/3919/showcase.php/45528#showcase_sc_gallery

    Lots of exterior shots but none of bedrooms, baths, and other private spaces. What about the kitchen?

    I don’t like mixing so many different elements such as the brick and cut stone, along with the raw wood effect. I would much prefer the cut stone throughout the entire house. Wonderful views though, and there can’t be a more commanding presence on the lake.

    I don’t know anything about the area or the comparables that would justify this kind of pricetag.

  • Tay

    10.95 could get u on the shores of a world class lake like Tahoe. SMH, just some oblivious and greedy developers….

  • Venom

    I don’t like it, at least not at that price anyway.
    I would not pay over $2.5 million for this in this location.

  • Robert

    I like it. But not 10 million worth.

  • Kieran

    Nice family home if you want to live in GA. Nice to see a GA mansion on a real estate blog thats not Bling-bling-i-was-poor-now-im-rich-look-at-my-golden-mansion

  • Nightmoves

    A great house. Probably worth $2.5M tops.

  • Oliver

    Nice home but like Mak said id probably tone down the multitude of different materials and stick with just stone and wood. i like the wood floors and i like the covered basement outdoor sitting area. those views area absolutely gorgeous! why is this house 10M and it doesnt even have a dock?

  • Lady of the Lakes


    Again, these postings do not reflect the complete situation. There is a permanent two stall boathouse with a wonderful covered area and sundeck on top in addition to a separate swim dock. That is the extent of what Ga Power will allow on Lake Burton. The boathouses on these lots are sometimes nicer than the houses themselves and can cost between 50k and 250k to put in. You can learn a lot more about Lake Burton, Lake Rabun and other Rabun County properties by visiting http://www.waterfallatlakeburton.com.

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