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  • Daniel

    Holy hell that is expensive! No thank you!

    The front and the back look like completely different homes. The interior has a very basic feel to it; I have been in $300,000 homes that have superior furnishings and details.

  • Venom

    The wood for the floors and the fireplace is terrible.
    The spiral staircase to go to the basement is unacceptable.
    The kitchen is subpar for that price and the theater area is unacceptable for that price. You should have a dedicated theater at the price, not a projector hanging off the ceiling.
    That looks like a faux slate roof. It should be real slate at $9 million.

  • Nick

    The back exterior is nice, but it’s not enough…

  • Oliver

    well its done a little cheap but i like it. the spiral stairs are a cool idea but only if theyre not the only set going to the basement. i like the rear facade.

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