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  • Daniel

    House 1 for me, although the floorplan looks like it could tiresome after a while. What the hell is that giant structure next to the the main house (house #4)? Indoor pool? Basketball Court? Whatever it is, it looks ridiculous considering it is BIGGER than the main home. Completely pointless and poorly planned.

    • Daniel

      Actually looking at the BEV of house #4 it could be a garage, considering there are multiple bays entering the side of the building. If it is a garage, then it isn’t ridiculous, just ugly. Too bad that giant lake in the back of the house isn’t the pool.

  • Oliver

    I think number 1 is the most classy, but i like them all. I really like number two but just the front and the garage… the rest is pretty plain. # 3 is really slick IMO, looks like a separate but attached in-law house maybe… huge garage. and i like the tower. probably has amazing views. Landscaping in the back and the nice looking pond is a plus. I really like the look of this house from the back. theres alot to look at and take in and i like that. #4……… oohh #4, the house itself is nice and looks rather large, but that damn barn or whatever it is just ruins it. That shouldve been put farther away or made smaller because it just ruined a pretty nice estate. Pond in the back should def be a pool.

  • Kieran

    I love number one/two!!

  • Stewie

    Home nr.1. takes this one hands down. Beautiful Georgian. The others are miles behind

  • Nick

    I prefer the first two mansions from this part.Especially, the VA mansion is superb from every aspect.

    As for the Dick DeVos’ house, I have to say that is a very ugly home for a billionaire’s son.The helipad is more interesting than the whole mansion…Tragic…

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