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  • Kieran

    How can you like this, its so gangsta, looks like runs house, and the subdivision looks like a kids doll house collection
    Each to their own.
    Maybe in real life I could appreciate it somewhat

  • Daniel

    Ew. It reminds me of the cookie-cutter McMansion communities in Russia. Terrible. The entire thing is an bull-dozer worthy, cheap, kitsch-filled mess. It looks like it was built in 1983. Honestly, if you’re going to do black marble floors throughout the entire house, at least make the decor match…perhaps contemporary or Art Deco style even. The whole thing just reeks of fake-tanned, cigar-smoking, greasy haired new money pricks.

  • Travis

    This is horrible. It’s so overdone. Overdone badly.
    Just… Eww

  • Tim Teogv

    Not only is Sam Zitella a legendary Chicago home builder, he also has ties to the DiFronzo crime family… Yeah he’s in the MAFIA… I remember watching a news report about him and his associate Paul Thomas whos with the irish mob… Paul is now living in charlotte north carolina as a home builder lol…

    Here is a link about his ties with the DiFronzo crime family…


  • Jason

    ugh, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. horrid!


    Isint that guy in the mob??? why is he selling the house???

  • robert

    This is a joke, right? I can guess right now that this is owned by a russian or an eastern european. I wonder if they have miniature giraffes that they kiss. I hate this place and just looking at the flooring drives me insane. Can you imagine the constant clicking noises in this house from people walking on those floors. Click, click, click, click, click. aaahhhh!!

  • George

    You have to give the real estate agent credit. For once there was a truthful measure of square footage. The truth from a real estate agent, what’s next, thuth from polititions.


    Does he still build homes all the way in IL.??? BTW Sam Zitella is like the modern day Scarface he lives in Charlotte

  • Jen

    Beautiful house…. i like the floyer

    and yes “yo momma” i live in nc ive heard about this mafia dude/home builder

  • BlakeDOOD

    this is not a McMansion its a freaking MANSION

  • Grrrowler

    Yep, hideous from start to finish. Being named after the building, it’s excellent advertising for Mr. Zitella’s competitors.

  • Orlando

    Now this is living ghetto fabolous lol and can somebody tell me what the hell the mural is of over the bar

  • Venom

    I like it about 80%.
    If they had not gone over that over 20% it would have been perfect.
    The granite or marble floors in the bedroon is a huge no no, even if they are heated. Too hard on the feet when you are walking around your bedroom or just wake up in the morning.

    This house is perfect for an Indian or Middle Eastern family, more Indian.
    The way over the top use of granite and marble and painted columns etc is a dream for them. The red kitchen will seal the deal.
    It is white, with a red roof and tons of red inside, he had to have built this house with the intention of selling it to an Indian family down the road.

    Cadiologist here in town has a slightly smaller version of this that everyone calls The Red Roof Inn. lol

  • corzetta

    I think this place is just fabulous!

  • Oliver

    EWW this place is fugly and gaudy and just not done right. This guy went waayyy overboard with the stone. I bet that place has one hell of an echo, it would be so obnoxious! this place has the aire of a mosoleum… makes sense that some MAFIA guy with a head the size of a watermelon would build a place like this… i bet he has a small penis too. Some new money middle easterner will no doubt eat this place up.

  • John L.

    One of the worst ever on this site!

  • Marie

    Too much of the color red inside the home.

  • CincyRob

    Nice home. 90’s chic, but nice. Great structure but could be a lot more subtle.

  • KEV

    Definitely made this place HIS OWN. Probably will have difficulty unloading it, but like Venom said, there are certain people that love this stuff. The overall home is fine, it just needs a lot of toning down and de-gaudyizing, which isn’t a word, but should be for this place.

  • Barney

    This place looks like is was decimated, I mean decorated by a drunk, crack-addicted Pimp, egomaniacal, delusional Dictator who hung out waaaaaaaay too much with Elvis in his fried peanut-butter & banana sandwich years from the late 1960’s thru the early 70’s, WHO WAS BLIND.

    Textbook SHIDEOUS!

  • Mak

    Looks like some kind of porno palace from Vegas. Add some black velvet art and you’re all set.

  • Joe

    I can say is “Wow”, and not in a good way

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    The house is overdecorated but there are some who might like this kind of decoration. It does look beautifully put together as far as the quality of work that went into it is concerned, irrespective of how someone might view the esthetics. However, I must go with every view here which asks why on earth the owner put it up so darned close to the neighbors? My guess is that since the owner is a builder, he probably owned the property that was developed and he decided to make as much money as he could cramming as many houses as he could into the development. A stupid policy, IMHO, and I don’t think he could expect to make even his asking price after selling the place furnished and with the additionally available 3 acres that the listing talks about. Add the mess in the Illinois economy and the huge decline in the greater Chicagoland area and this looks like a sadly wasted effort. That said, since the owner is a builder, the materials which went into building the house might have cost him very little – they could be surplus materials used in other projects – and this might just end up making him a profit in the end even if he has to sell it furnished and with the 3 adjacent acres thrown in.

  • Chris


  • christina

    South barrington is beautiful I live area in big house my self its nice area by the lake veary quite but it takes hours to clean lol.but living in big house dosnt really mean any thing its nice just a lot of dust you want every thing perfect.

  • lil mash

    Been through this house many times, and its absolutely gorgeous, very good decoration and very unique. Everyone on here that doesn’t like this house is either too broke to afford it, or too dumb to recognize the work and detail put into this house. Also when you build a house, you build it to your liking not what others would like. There are many things about this house that are not shown in pictures that makes it stand out from other homes.

  • Patrick

    Very nice home to each his own. I remember doing some work in this property and yes it speaks for itself . Good luck Sam…

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